thank_you_notes.jpgThere's one last item to cross out of your wedding to-do list when you get back from the honeymoon: writing thank-you cards. Text, e-mail or a call just won't do. These need to be handwritten, signed, sealed, and delivered.

1. Make a directory of your wedding guests and their addresses.

Excel spreadsheets could make your lives easier. As you start opening your wedding gifts (which you might do even before the big day), note the item, its features (e.g. color, brand, etc.) and the gift-giver. Doing so will help you write personalized notes later on.

2. Add some spunk before sealing.

Your wedding wasn't ordinary, so why should your thank-you cards be? Write on customized cards monogrammed with you and your husband's initials. You might get a better deal if you order these cards along with your invitations. You can also slip in a picture from the wedding, or—if time is on your side—a picture with the guest!

3. No need to write an epic; a few lines will do.

Be specific by mentioning the wedding gift you received and what you'll use it for, whether it's in cash or kind. For example: "Thank you for the generous check you gave us on our special day. This will go to the renovation of our new house." You could note their presence or absence in the ceremony ("We're sorry you weren't able to attend our wedding, but you may see pictures online at...") or any special effort they took to come to your wedding ("Thank you for coming all the way from America...").

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