Congratulations, you’re finally engaged! After years of happily couplehood, you’ve agreed to take your relationship to the next level. Take time to bask in the afterglow of having a ring on your finger, but be quick to step off Cloud 9 as you, girl, have a lot of things to do.

We won’t sugar coat it: preparing for a wedding is a huge undertaking. Even if you do hire a planner, you’ll still need to decide on a lot of thing, and it can definitely be stressful.  Don’t worry. Surviving the months before the big day isn’t impossible. Taking things one at a time and knowing exactly what where you stand in the midst of all the frenzy can help keep you grounded.

1. Remember that it’s your wedding.

Your family and your friends are not getting hitched. You are. Always be open to their input, but you and your partner should always have the final say.

2. Manage expectations.
Worried that you’ll hurt feelings when you’ve come up with your final guest list? The best thing you can do is to manage the expectations people who aren’t invited. Be honest with them regarding your decision. They’ll appreciate the explanation.

3. Always make decisions together.
There are women who often get carried away with their idea of a dream wedding that they forget to take into account the opinions of the groom. Although most men give their brides free rein when it comes to details, it’s important to always consult each other every step of the way.

4. Don’t make your partner your enemy.
There will come a time when you’ll butt heads with your man. There are even horror stories of couples canceling the wedding due to a falling-out months before it. The key is to compromise. The wedding is temporary, so don’t the preparations affect your marriage.

5. Follow a timeline.
A timeline is something that can guide you throughout the process. When making deadlines, make sure to work backwards from your big day, and always give allowances for anything unexpected that may happen.

6. Always have a backup.
Not everything happens according to plan. Your venue can accidentally cross out our reservation or your caterer may cancel, so it’s a must to always have a ready list of suppliers that you can easily contact when all else fails.

7. Accept help.
There is a reason why you have bridesmaids. These are people that you can rely on when things go haywire, so don’t be shy about delegating tasks.

8. Be forgiving of mistakes.
Bridezillas are those who can’t accept anything less than perfect. Avoid transforming into a monster by letting the little things pass. No one will remember the details, but they’ll remember how much fun you had.

9. Relax.
Breathe and remember that there is no one that you need to impress. This day is for you and your partner, and no one else. If there’s anybody who has every right to enjoy the road leading to forever, it’s you, so make the most out of it.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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