weddings_posing.jpgThey say a picture paints a thousand words—and on your wedding, your photos should speak volumes about the love that you and your groom have for each other. After all, when the excitement has died down and you're back from your honeymoon, you only have your wedding photo album to look at to reminisce about your big day. Try these tips for posing to look your best in your wedding photos.

1. Smile.
Nothing makes a wedding photo prettier than having a smiling couple as the subject. Not unless your desired look is something dramatic, don't hold back on smiling—you want your happiness to be infectious! A tip shared by a renowned photographer is to say the letter "A" before the shutter clicks. This will show off your pearly whites without making your smile look too stiff.

2. Find your best angle.
You know how some celebrities insist on being shot from one specific side? This is because they know which angle works for them; even professional models know their tried and tested poses. Practice smiling in front of a mirror, and tilt your head in different angles to see which side of your face you should highlight in your wedding pictures. Go through your old photos as well and determine which smiles and poses work for you, then mimic these during the shoot.

3. Let your body do tricks.
Your wedding pictures can be deceiving if you want them to. Wish to make your arms look slimmer? Try this trick: keep a space between your arms and your body; create an angle without spreading out your arm too far. If you dread close-up hand shots because of your varicose veins, try waving your hands from side to side—similar to a beauty queen’s wave. Do this for a good three minutes and you'll be surprised to see your varicose veins disappear!


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