for your wedding isn’t a walk in the park. It involves decision-making, conceptualizing, and finding the right people who’ll make your dream wedding come true. Also, you and your fiancé will have to deal with serious money matters, and you have to ensure that you won’t throw all your savings away in just one event. 
Follow these practical tips to keep your wedding budget under control:
1. Define your priorities. Determine what you would like to prioritize; doing so will help you make wise decisions when you need to forego some amenities. One couple—a food aficionado and a budding photographer—immediately agreed on allotting a larger part of the wedding budget to both their caterer and photographer. Set your own non-negotiables.
2. Canvass, canvass and canvass. The growing number of wedding expos being staged on a quarterly basis allows couples to carefully choose their suppliers. Go to major wedding expos and just collect flyers from suppliers that you are interested in. Later, carefully sort these out and go through the packages. Compare one package to another in terms of service and added value; don’t just go for the one who can offer the lowest package rate. For instance, instead of going for a videographer who had really affordable rates, one couple went to a supplier who charged a bit higher, but was willing to provide the wide screen, projector, and two AVPs for their reception dinner. Find the right supplier who can give great value for your money. 
3. Set your budget. As simple as it may sound, setting your wedding budget involves sitting down with your fiancé and discussing just exactly how much both of you are willing to spend for your big day. Be realistic; do not plan a million-peso wedding if you can’t afford it. The last thing you want is to start your marriage in debt. From a ballpark figure, be more specific. List down the things you will be spending on, and give an estimated budget for each. At this point, you will have a better idea of the normal industry rates for each wedding supplier. 
4. Alert your entourage. Take it from Martha Stewart, who encourages brides-to-be to add personal touches to their wedding through simple DIY projects. Instead of having your wedding misalettes professionally printed, why not tap your most creative entourage member to do the layout and print a couple of pieces for you? Not only will it save you the extra bucks, it will also make your dearest relative or friend feel involved in the planning. 


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