In this day and age where photo albums aren't popular anymore, wedding hashtags are a big deal. It compiles every snap taken by your wedding guests, so you can easily look back on your big day in just a click of a button. The only problem? Your wedding hashtag must be memorable enough for the guests to actually use them. It's no surprise that couples, and most especially celebs, have been getting a lot more creative in coming up with official wedding hashtags, from punny ones like #TheWanforAnne to the more daring hashtags like #MartineIsAHo.

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Below are a few tricks to help you come up with a hashtag that your friends and relatives are bound to remember: 

Use your first or last names to form a punny hashtag. 

Start by listing down you and your soon-to-be spouse’s full names. Next, what are the words that rhyme with your names? For instance, Chris rhymes with Kiss so you can create the hashtag #YouMayChrisTheBride. Juan rhymes with one, giving you a possible hashtag of #KrissaIsTheOnlyJuan. Jem rhymes with Gem, which can form #DerickFoundAJem. If you’re not good with words, you can try generators online. From there, you’ll have a list of words that you can easily play around with to form witty hashtags. 

#TheWanforAnne (Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis)

#ColeenGotTheBill (Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford)

#RachelleGOtSPIES (Rachelle Ann Go and Martin Spies) 

#MartineIsAHo (Martine Cajucom and Cliff Ho)


…Or you can play around your nicknames for a more unique hashtag.   

#SosBolz (Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico)     

#IROByouveryMAXX (Rob Mananquil and Maxene Magalona)

Keep it short and sweet!

When the hashtag is too complicated, chances are some guests will either misspell it, forget it, or worse, ignore it. Plus, they'll even have a hard time typing it. You can keep the hashtag simple yet catchy—and even elegant—by highlighting your fiancé's surname: Becoming Mrs. + (Last name) or The + (Last name) + s. P.S. If your partner’s surname is hard to spell, though, you may want to skip this! 

#BecomingMrsWintle (Iza Calzado and Ben Wintle)

#TheBurnands (Georgina Wilson and Arthur Burnand)

Embrace your local language.

If you want the hashtag to give your guests all the feels, why not use Filipino words that are closer to our hearts? 

#AngTagpuan2019 (Moire Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez)

FN TIP: Feel free to add special numbers to set your hashtag apart from others. It could be the year you met or like in Moira's case, the year when they got hitched. 


Tweak the capitalization. 

The general rule for hashtags is to capitalize the first letter of each word to make it easier to understand. However, if you think the hashtag is too lengthy (ex. #IsaLangParaKayPancho), only capitalize your names like what Max Collins and Pancho Magno did here, which made the hashtag a lot catchier.

#ISAlangparakayPANCHO (Max Collins and Pancho Magno) 

Got the perfect hashtag? To ensure that your guests are well aware of it, consider placing the hashtag on areas that guests will look at like the invitations, table numbers, dessert tables, and of course, menus. I mean, who wouldn't look at the menu, right? 

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