When it comes to planning an event, being OC comes in handy. In my case, The Groom is incredibly organized and efficient, so I've followed suit.

Case and point, he bought this really cute file organizer from Kikki K. in Singapore for me.
It's divided into sections labeled "Reception, Food, Entertainment," "Video, Photography," "Wedding Gown, Rings," and other important to-dos.

I actually already had a clear book ready to do the job but who am I to refuse something this cute?

It even comes with labeled post-its that come in handy for marking pages in magazines!

Pre-labeled post-its are handy but regular post-its work just as well!

Majority of my own research was done online so I've created a special bookmarks folder for all the helpful websites I've found (apart from BridalBook.ph of course!). I've found venues, churches, photographers, invitations, and décor inspiration.


I download my favorite photos and save them in a special wedding folder in my computer that also has subfolders similar to what's in my clear file. Once I'm pretty set on say, the entourage dresses, I print them out with a colored printer and make a lookbook or collage.

I've filled my scrapbook with print outs of photos from the web and clippings from magazines and newspapers.

There's no real science to it. I just stick whatever goes together onto a page: photos, fabric swatches, old wedding memorabilia, you name it. I also jot down a few notes wherever there is free space to help get my thoughts together.
Having photo pegs has made communicating with my designers and florist a breeze. For example, in the case of the latter, I emailed a few photos and a description of what I had in mind to my account manager at Island Rose and they were able to give me recommendations right away. I'll be meeting them for a mock-up in two weeks and I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.
I've found that filling up these books has gone hand-in-hand with ticking things off my checklist. (I'm currently using the one from Martha Stewart Weddings. It's quite comprehensive.) I find myself leafing through the pages in the car or while having breakfast, enjoying seeing it all come together.
117 days ‘til the wedding!
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