Professional model Rissa Mananquil tied the knot with restaurateur and sportscaster Paolo Trillo in a simple and heartfelt ceremony. The beautiful rites were followed by a fun-filled reception.

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Love Story

Rissa and Paolo's paths crossed first in 2005, when Rissa then was the president of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP) and was organizing an event to be held in Fiamma, where Paolo was the managing partner. "When I first met Paolo, I was impressed by how responsible, hands-on, and attentive he was to his business. He always treated his staff well and with kindness--that says a lot about a person," Rissa shares. She adds, "I also love how he's always such a gentleman. He's incredibly down-to-earth, intelligent and very principled."


Paolo, on the other hand, admits that he admired Rissa right away when they first met. "One of the qualities I got attracted to at the start was that Rissa was so unassuming and humble. Even if she was a top model and President of PMAP, she never expected special treatment," he says.

The two would then bump into each other in events, until Paolo asked her out on a date. "As we got to know each other better, I was smitten. I continued to court her, and wouldn't stop until we got together," Paolo gushes.

With their mutual admiration and respect towards each other, it was not much of a surprise when the two got engaged. However, Paolo made sure that his proposal would be extra special. On one of their annual holiday trips with the rest of the Mananquil family, Paolo took the chance to pop the question to Rissa. They were in Osaka when Paolo took Rissa for a stroll at Nakanoshima Park. "The park was serene and beautiful. It had just rained so we had the whole place to ourselves--it was just me and him," Rissa recalls.


When they reached a set of steps near the river, Paolo suddenly paused and went down on one knee. He said, "I've been waiting for this moment my whole life so I'm going to take my time doing this... Will you marry me?" Rissa, of course, said yes. "Although we always knew we'd end up together, the moment still made us both very emotional and teary-eyed. We were hugging each other like we never wanted to let go. It was the happiest day of our lives. And so at the top of our lungs, we crazily shouted to the world from an empty park, ‘We're engaged!'" Rissa fondly shares.

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Wedding Preparations

Rissa and Paolo wanted their big day to be simple and modern. With this vision in mind, the couple went for a classy and minimalist theme that used of a refreshing green, white, and pewter gray color palette. Their wedding details mostly took inspiration from design books the two are fond of reading. "We were very much in sync with our ideas for the invitation, décor, music, and everything. It's perhaps why we never fought while planning," Rissa shares.


Come the couple's reception, the program was kept brief and straightforward. The couple's affair was made especially memorable not just by their parents' heartfelt speeches, but also by the audio-visual presentation which their friends in TV production made for them. "Until today, we still watch it many times over!  It always makes us laugh and smile the same way it did when we first saw it during the wedding. Even when we are old and wrinkled, this is the kind of video that will make us laugh together and fall in love with each other again," Rissa gushes.

With the couple's firm grasp on what they truly wanted for their wedding, everything came perfectly into place for Rissa and Paolo, and they couldn't ask for anything more. Rissa tells other couples to create a wedding calendar that contains a list of to-do's, including meetings and deadlines. "It allows you to be more organized so that the wedding work does not pile up. It's was one of the best tools for Paolo and I to work as a team!" Rissa asserts.


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