Hair and makeup styling is an art in itself, which is why brides invest to have flawless makeup on her wedding day. As any blushing bride would know, a few strokes of the make up brush can make or break a woman's look on the day she says ‘I do.'

While a bride might be tempted to ask her makeup artist to whip out all the beauty paraphernalia within a five mile-radius, Irene Sy-Go, professional beautician says, "Brides must look fresh and sophisticated, not trendy on the big day." Brides who've had their hair and makeup done by Irene would know that she's a big fan of the classic look, which involves "Enhancing, emphasizing, and defining the eyes of the bride and using perfect shades of the makeup base." Irene also adds, "Color applications are very important to hide flaws."

Irene knows that the key to applying makeup professionally takes more than just passion. In her case, it takes the determination to take what she learns about the brides, and translate it to something that looks remarkably close to art. "I always ask my bride some questions and consider the information before doing [her] hair and make up." Not only does this ritual help Irene get to know her clients, it also allows her find the unique and perfect look for every bride.


Despite being able to adapt her skills to different clients, Irene admits that she has a favorite look for brides. Taking her cue from the way Hollywood celebrities pull off the classic look with red lips, Irene gushes about how timeless this look is and how everyone can wear it. For the eyes, Irene says she loves well-defined or heavily-lined eyes framed by natural-looking fake lashes.

No matter how much she loves her tried-and-tested classic look, Irene is eager to learn new styles, like an artist who wants to learn new techniques. She still attends workshops here as well as abroad. She also gets her inspiration from books, magazines, and the Internet.

The ease with which Irene discusses her makeup philosophy though, is backed not just by what she's learned from her basic courses in ICI or CAS, but also by a long standing love affair she's had with the art of cosmetics. Back when she was still in high school, Irene was already doing the hair and makeup of her mother, sisters, and friends. This raw talent has now evolved into a passion for making brides look and feel their most beautiful. It must be this passion that allows Irene to make a bride look like a timeless piece of art on her special day.


Click here to see Irene's sample works.

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