Wedding photography is an amalgamation of various photography disciplines: portraiture and fashion photography, marketing and product photography, cuisine photography, even sports photography. In addition, the array of challenges posed by shooting weddings include the unpredictability of the weather and lighting conditions, assortment of moods of the people involved in the wedding, and the myriad of split-second moments that need to be captured. 

Apple Greatson of Apple Greatson Photography thrives in challenges, which is why he chose to undertake capturing weddings. "Photography, as an art, delves into different fields, and wedding photography encompasses this variety. It takes on and marries all of the sub-genres," Apple says. "I also love shooting weddings because by doing so, I become more than just a photographer; I become the family historian. It involves structured shots, spontaneous captures in a photojournalistic style, a seemingly self-renewing series of bursts of life as it happens. With the subject in the middle of it all, and I behind the camera, this is storytelling at its most vivid and most eloquent. This is someone's story."    


Apple's way of storytelling with photos started in 2003, when he saw the works of Martin Schembri, Jerry Ghionis, Joe McNally and Yervant, as well as other local photography masters while browsing online. Inspired by the beautiful images and the emotions they evoked, he bought his first DSLR camera in 2005, had his training and workshops under the likes of Dino Lara, Lito Sy, Xander Angeles and Manny Librodo--and the rest as they say is history. Apple deems the 2010 Gold Award in Wedding Photography Category for the Month of November from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) and the 2011 Accolade of Excellence in Portrait Individual Category from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) his most fulfilling achievements to date.

Despite the accolates, Apple chooses not to rest on his laurels. He envisions an even brighter future, with him constantly traveling and shooting in other countries, continuously learning and enhancing his skills. "I keep updating myself because I want to learn from the best," Apple shares. He stresses the importance of creating one's own style and brand in order to survive the competitive industry of wedding photography.


But even before foray into the wedding industry, Apple was already a historian. For the past six years, he has been exclusively covering Manny Pacquiao and his family's personal events in General Santos City. These intimate glimpses yielded a collector's item magazine book replete of Apple's portraits of the Pambansang Kamao and his family, which will be available soon. Moreover, Apple Greatson also covers events of various GenSan-born national celebrities who have excelled in their respective fields.

Apple's attention to detail and rapport with celebrity clients win their trust, and he keeps the same principles in mind when dealing with clients for weddings. With a style which he describes as chic, current and edgy, he makes his mark in the wedding industry. "I approach this craft to achieve a touch of fashionable flair and contemporary sense. At the same time, I pour all effort into my subjects (my clients), albeit not professional models, to make them feel immensely comfortable with the camera and my direction," he shares.

Apple believes that the secret to a successful wedding coverage involves getting to know his clients personally. "I treat my clients as my friends. A friend who shares an emotional bond with them--a bond based on trust and respect. I cherish their friendship, I cherish their special moments. Isn't it time you trust your special moments with a friend?" Apple concludes. Indeed, why not?

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