of the things that take much of the bride and groom’s time before the wedding is the bridal registry. Couples search almost all sorts of stores just to get the registry over and done with, but more often than not, they find themselves overwhelmed when choosing where to register and pinning down items to include in the registry. To spare you from the extra stress, here’s a step-by-step guide for organizing your bridal registry.
1. Make a list.
Before heading to department stores, think about your future home. If you have existing furniture pieces, determine which items you need to have and which ones should be replaced. Doing so already narrows down your bridal registry list, and also helps you to achieve a cohesive look for the rooms. Head to your chosen registry shop, and select pieces that agree with your list.
2. Coordinate with your registry store. 
When you’re ready to sign up for the bridal registry, remember that you’re not only there to present them your list. They will certainly be more than willing to address your concerns on their bridal registry system. You should remember to ask the following questions:
a. How long will you list my bridal registry?
b. Do you have a multi-branch registry?
c. How can I keep track of the list? How often should I follow up?
d. What is the rule on changing items on the registry list?
e. Are my guests entitled to a discount if they purchase registry items?
f. In case there are duplicates, do you allow exchanges?
3. Disseminate information to your family.
Once you have settled your initial arrangements on your bridal registry, the next step is to inform your family. Tell them where you are registered and give them other details they need to know about your registry. This is to help disseminate the information clearly, especially since bridal registry details—ideally—are shared only through word of mouth. 

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