fn_checklist.jpgAssigning a friend or relative to be your maid of honor may well be flattering for her, but you both have to realize that the role entails responsibilities, too. We've listed a maid of honor's responsibilities to help you and your maid of honor set expectations for the entire process. Or, if you haven't chosen your maid of honor yet, our checklist just might help you choose the best person for the role!

Common tasks of the maid of honor before the wedding day:

•    Coordinate with other entourage members for wedding attire

If you'll be asking a seamstress to dress up your entourage, ask your maid of honor to coordinate with other female entourage members. Or if you'll be asking them to pick out their own dresses (provided they keep to your theme, of course), your maid of honor can help you in informing the girls of your preferences.

•    Call up guests and take note of guests' RSVP response
With all the wedding preparations that you have to address, coordinating with guests may be too much for you. Ask your maid of honor if she can be a point person for guests who RSVP--if she'll allow you to, you can put her contact details on your wedding invitation.

•    Organize a bridal shower
Planning a wedding is already challenging enough, and you probably won't have enough time to organize another get-together. Fret not; it's really your maid of honor's duty to throw you a bridal shower with the help of your close family and friends.

Common tasks of the maid of honor on the wedding day:

    Help you put on your gown
Your gown might not be in the easiest thing to put on. Ask your maid of honor to accompany you during one of your fittings so that she'll know how to help you get dressed for the big day.

•    Assist you with your train so that you don't trip

After she's helped you get dressed, your maid of honor will also help you maneuver your way around the venue in your gown. A dress with a long train might be tricky to wear, and it will help a lot if your maid of honor is keeping you from tripping on your gown's hem.

•    Tote your wedding emergency kit
You need to pack a wedding emergency kit to address any minor mishaps on your wedding day. Since you won't be holding your bridal bag as you walk down the aisle (you'll be holding your bouquet!), ask your maid of honor to carry your belongings.

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