Pinoy weddings incorporate a lot of time-honored traditions, but including some new practices to your celebration makes it interesting. Check out these fun party tricks that you can add to your wedding reception program--they're festive, and they're perfect especially if you're getting married in the holiday season.

  • Have a fireworks display

    An ancient Chinese practice to drive away evil spirits, a fireworks display at your reception is also a good way to signify that you're letting go of negative vibes. Reputable fireworks companies can customize pyrotechnic shows especially for your wedding. After all, planning a fireworks display involves thorough thought to compose a visual treat--it's so much more than setting random fireworks alight. Having a fireworks display is also a great way to cap off the night--your guests will go home with pleasant and memorable images of your big day. If you're celebrating indoors, you may consider lighting sparklers instead.

  • Release live butterflies

    An old American Indian legend states that when one captures a butterfly, s/he can make a wish by whispering to it. The captor must then release the butterfly, and as a sign of gratitude for letting the butterfly go, the Great Spirit will grant the captor's wish. Because of this legend, butterfly releases have also become a special part of reception programs both outdoors and indoors. You can hand out envelopes containing live butterflies to your guests, and they can tell the butterflies their wishes for you. The butterflies will then be released in the hopes that the wishes will eventually come true. Different suppliers have various butterfly species, but monarch butterflies are a popular choice for releases at weddings.

  • Light and release sky lanterns

    Sky lanterns are popular among the marrying crowd, but not just because the lit lanterns floating across the night sky is a sight to behold. The act of letting the lanterns float is also a chance for your wedding guests to wish for your marriage, making the release of sky lanterns a beautiful gesture. Some companies offer lanterns in acid-free and fire-retardant paper, so you don't have to worry about setting your wedding venue on fire. Of course, lantern releases have to be done outdoors.

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