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Giveaways are great to cap off a beautiful wedding reception. Aside from closing the celebrations on a high note, it's also a good way of saying "thank you" to your guests who have taken the time to share your happiness.

There is really no one rule about keepsakes or souvenirs, as they really depend on your personality, theme, and budget. Although oftentimes, different tokens are given to your sponsors, your entourage, and the rest of your attendees. If you still haven't decided on what to pick for whom, here is a quick list of ideas that can get you started.

1. Villa del Conte Chocolates
Hailing from Italy, Villa del Conte chocolates make for great tokens that your ninongs and ninangs will especially love. Try out their rich praline sticks which are filled with several flavors you can choose from, including orange, blueberry, strawberry cream, mint cream, white cream limoncello, banana, and watermelon.


2. Customized Wooden Tokens by Cut the Scrap
If you're looking for something creative and unique with which your guests will remember you buy, you can trust Cut the Scrap to create something beautifully intricate out of a humble chunk of wood.

3. Succulents by Cactus and Canvas
Plants are good, living reminders of your new life. Cactus and Canvas offers beautifully potted succulents that can go well with rustic-themed weddings.

4. Shorbs by Shorts Gourmet Manila

Shortbread cookies (colloquially called "shorbs") are one of the specialties of Mannix Pena, the man behind Shorts Gourmet Manila and Cakes by Mannix. They don't only taste goodthey're elegantly packaged as well.

5. Monogrammed Canvas Items by Beyond Stitched
Getting something monogrammed looks instantly classy. A beautifully stitched pouch or tote can be a tasteful and practical wedding giveaway.

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