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Andi Eigenmann Open to Share Custody of Ellie with Jake Ejercito

Andi added she wants Jake in her daughter's life, but she hopes the alleged custody petition isn't a ploy to take Ellie away from her.

Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito Spotted in Intramuros

The former couple were seen joining Carlos Celdran's recent Intramuros Walking Tour.

Jake Ejercito Says His Relationship with Andi Eigenmann is Really Over

The son of former president Joseph Estrada says he did not expect the many intrigues about him and Andi.

Jaclyn Jose Hopes Andi Eigenmann Will Make Wiser Decisions in the Future

The veteran actress is still mad at Albie Casino, the reported father of Andi's child.

Andi Eigenmann Says She Still Has Feelings for Jake Ejercito

The actress admits that she hasn't gotten over her ex-boyfriend yet.

Andi Eigenmann Says She and Jake Ejercito are Friends Again

The actress has admitted that she still cares a lot for her ex-boyfriend.

Andi Eigenmann Confirms Rift with Mom Jaclyn Jose

The actress reveals that she regrets defending her ex-boyfriend, Jake Ejercito, especially since he left her after the incident.

Andi Eigenmann Reacts on Jake Ejercito's Revelations about Their Breakup

The actress posted on Twitter that everything her mom, Jaclyn Jose, said about their relationship was true.

Jake Ejercito Speaks Up on Breakup with Andi Eigenmann

Jake revealed that he and Albie Casino were both Andi's boyfriends at one point.

Andi Eigenmann Determined to Prove That She Deserves Jake Ejercito's Affections

The young actress says she has "fallen in love with such a fine, young man."