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Zoom Around the World
« on: February 23, 2021, 07:12:56 pm »

Just read this inspiring account of a couple that went ahead with their wedding via Zoom last year-

Isn't it fantastic that couples are finding innovative ways to gather friends and families to celebrate their special day - so many must be fed up of the postponements and delays?

To learn that they were able to have officials, guests and entertainment all connected via Zoom (other online meeting systems are available) might encourage others to do similar even when circumstances improve.

Consider the savings and what some might say the inconvenience of travel, accommodation and of course the costs of Venue, Reception, Catering and live entertainment.

"The idea was sparked by the thought of finding hope and choosing love in uncertain times. It was special because it was a breath of fresh air to us and our loved ones, a reason to be happy despite everything that?s been going on,? Vianka says "and once we began looking for virtual entertainers to hire we found that there was a tremendous range of entertainment and ideas available to hire for a Zoom party."


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