Author Topic: to all married...if given a chance would you choose to become single again???  (Read 54982 times)


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^same thoughts


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Nope...happy and content being married to my husband...

No what ifs or couldve beens because i met different guys naman before and i know i made the right choice.
our marriage is not perfect, it has its ups and downs but i still wouldnt trade it for being single. id rather go through life with him, our family, together.


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i never dreamed of being married. I always wanted to be a single mom..
But i think i was meant to be being married. haha.
If  we want to forgive and recover from hurts and wounds, we must not talk loosely about the problem or the person who caused it...If you want to get better, you cannot be bitter.” -Joyce Mayer


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^Made me realize I want to be a single mom too. Like NOW na! Haha!


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