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Playing with Other Kids May Help Children with Autism

Interacting with other kids is important for the social development of autistic children.

Kids with Chronic Stomach Aches May Suffer from Anxiety Disorder as Adults

Parents should train their children to manage physical pain brought about by stress to avoid suffering from anxiety when they grow up.

Choir Singing May Help Regulate Heart Rate, Says Study

A new research gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "hearts singing as one."

Facebook May Improve Lolo's and Lola's Cognitive Abilites

Keeping your grandparents socially and mentally active may help them stay sharp.

Being Sociable May Add Years to Your Life, Study Suggests

Speaking up and going out isn't just loads of fun--according to research, it's healthy as well.

12 Things You Should Do for Yourself This Year

Resolve to indulge in a little bit of healthy selfishness to improve your well-being in 2013.

Class Standing: 5 Tips on Helping Your Kids Deal with Social Class Insecurity

Are you prepared to answer your kids' questions about your family's financial status? FN offers a few suggestions.

Teens Who Abuse Alcohol May Develop Social and Academic Problems

Research shows that drinking may only make teens' existing problems worse.

Faces Showing Visible Teeth May be More Likely to Stand Out in a Crowd

Research shows that it's easy to catch someone's eye if you know what people look out for.

Why Your Mobile Phone Might Be Making You Less Social

Talking on your mobile phone all day can have unforeseen consequences.

Kids Who Multitask May Have Trouble Developing Emotional and Social Skills

Research shows that children need to have face-to-face interaction too.

Poor Kids Need More Playtime, Study Shows

Recess may not count as a subject, but it is still an integral part of a child's day.

Encourage Kids to Make Friends at an Early Age to Avoid Behavioral Problems Later

Research shows that kids will benefit from having high-quality friendships as early as kindergarten.

Overweight Kids Today May Have Difficulty Fitting in Years Later

Research shows that children who start school obese are likely to develop poor social skills.

Talking Tips: Avoid Talking about Yourself for Better Conversations

Build friendships and improve social skills by focusing on other people when they're talking.

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