Author Topic: Wanting to get away from everything  (Read 411 times)


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Wanting to get away from everything
« on: September 25, 2019, 09:13:40 pm »
What do you guys do or where do you go when you feel like you want to get away from everything? Lately I have been so unmotivated. I feel tired and lonely and I want to go somewhere far far away. Sounds super dramatic but that's how I really feel. The problem is, I cannot just take a leave and aside from that, wala din akong budget. Huhu.


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Re: Wanting to get away from everything
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2019, 05:38:23 am »
I wanted to ran away too when I was younger. Mga 19 or 20 ako nun gusto ko magbagong buhay somewhere. To the point na gusto ko na lang mag- madre. Lols. I was tired of city life / working student. But I didnt go anywhere kasi just like you di pwede magleave & wala budget. 

First, think or write down ano ba yung cause ng nararamdaman mo ngayon- Boring job? Small salary? traffic everyday? Family/ lovelife issues? habang iniisip mo yan, maglinis ka ng bahay or kwarto. Charot! Oo nga mag declutter ka, benta mo sa carousell. Pag malinis organised paligid mo makakapag isip ka ng maayos. Turn on the music too.

Dont run away. Kasi di naman mawawala yang problema mo. Pag rest days, mag rest ka hindi yung makikipag inuman ka pa kung saan saan. Maybe your body and mind just need to rest lang talaga. Try jogging. Or home works outs. Avoid social media.  Minsan kasi naccocompare natin yung life nila satin. Avoid toxic people. Dont buy unnecessary stuff- mag ipon para may peace of mind no matter what happens may pera ka. Love your job- I know easier said than done- basta mahalin mo sya, makipag friends ka sa HR lalo na kung gwapo sya. Charot! Ikaw lang makakaalam ano ba talaga gusto mo. And its okay to be sad. Just dont dwell on it too much.



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Re: Wanting to get away from everything
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2019, 11:12:33 am »
^ Agree ako. For some reason, decluttering my home or simply getting rid of "unimportant stuff" took a big chunk on my shoulders when i also had the same issue as you. It made me realize that life is simple and I just have to focus on what is important to me. It made me realize that I love my life and because of that, it got me motivated to work to go through life in general. I also got a puppy (for free, a gift for my bday, which i also asked, hehe) which totally made me feel happy up to now.


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