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15-in-1 Superfoods Drink for Various Illnesses!
« on: June 13, 2019, 03:30:03 pm »
It's time for us to take care of our health today! Time to save money from expensive current and future hospital bills too. Eto na ang pampa-healthy natin!

Why take acai berry, wheatgrass, chlorella, barley, turmeric, mangosteen, etc., one by one when you can have all 15 in 1 at a very reasonable price!

 This has 15 anti-oxidant fruits, plants, roots and even seaweeds powder mix! What are you waiting for? Check the pics and contact me now to order and see the change in yourself.

Pictures in Facebook here.

Do you need to lose weight, sleep and concentrate better, or stop constipation?

Do you or anyone you know have the following sicknesses?:
➡ Cancer
✅ Cysts
➡ Lupus
✅ Diabetes
➡ High blood pressure
✅ Anemia
➡ Liver Problem
✅ Kidney problem
➡ UTI & other Infections
✅ Edema
➡ PCOS / Irregular menstruation
✅ Myoma
➡ Prostrate problems
✅ Eczema
➡ High cholesterol
✅ Allergies
➡ Vertigo
✅ Obesity
➡ other sicknesses

If you do, I invite you to contact me to order and start consuming this amazing health drink! See the results within 1 day to a week or more. It depends on the sickness. Of course consult your doctor before taking this.

Contact me to order or join today:

Sun/Viber/WeChat: +63932 1800 937
Globe/Telegram: +63917 768 8444

For me, after 1 day of drinking this I was surprised that suddenly I have no problem breathing deeply. :o Wow!

I did not expect any effect at all but thank God I found this product! Contact me to order and find out what it can do for you too!

✅ Boosts the Immune System
✅ Reduce the risk of Cancer and Fights Cancer Cells
✅ Gives Extra Energy & Improves Stamina
✅ Helps remove body Toxins
✅ Regulate and normalize Cholesterol, Menstruation, Blood Sugar Level, Blood pressure
✅ Improve passion and fertility
✅ Increase Sperm Count and improve Sperm Motility
✅ Helps with Uric Acid problems
✅ Prevents Chronic and regenerative diseases

It's 100% all natural ingredients so no need to worry about overdose or chemicals because it is all natural. Directions for use is included in the label.

✨ 100% organic and natural
⭐ FDA Approved
 Halal Product
✅ No overdose
✅ High in Anti-oxidants

 Payment via:
- BPI bank deposit
- Palawan Express

✔ Meet up areas:
- Sikatuna
- EDSA Kamias
- Anonas
- Ortigas
- For other areas contact me

 Shipping fee also applicable for non-meet up orders.
I will ship via 2Go or LBC.

 Or would you like to be a distributor/reseller for extra income? Attend our FREE orientation!

Contact me to order or join today:

 Sun/Viber/WeChat: +63932 1800 937
Globe/Telegram: +63917 768 8444

Health is wealth! Order from me now and see the effects for yourselves ASAP. ❤
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