Author Topic: Road to UK as Registered Nurse (UKRNs also welcome to share tips)  (Read 874 times)


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Hello all!

This thread is for everyone who hopes to become a Registered Nurse in the United Kingdom, as well as to those who are already working there. We can share advice and tips on the entire application process, from taking IELTS/OET to CBT to OSCE.

In my case, I am currently under a home care agency and I am on the NMC application stage. I recently passed OET last 4th of May and presently reviewing to take the CBT although I have not scheduled an exam date yet because I am currently waiting for my renewed passport to be released on Wednesday.

If someone has experienced NMC application, is it possible to start using my current passport or should I wait for the new one? I mean, could you still make changes to your personal details once you are done with the eligibility stage?


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