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The Waterfall Diet
« on: April 12, 2015, 10:46:31 am »
Instead of fat loss, the Waterfall Diet aims to help you get rid of fluid retention that could be the reason why you're not dropping weight despite strict diet and exercise. 

Before, i thought water retention could only be responsible with your extra "weight", so it doesn't matter if i focus on reducing some inches. But apparently it also causes extra measurement and makes you or some areas puffy.

Good info can be read here:'t+lose+weight%3F...-a060358751

I've done many kinds of diet in the past, and right now, i am into HCG. the first time i did this 500-calorie diet was on 2013 and it did make me shed up to 9 lbs in a week.  fast forward to 2015, i noticed a drastic weight gain in a span of  3 weeks, whilst on a low carb diet. that's from 120 lbs to 127 lbs. So I decided to do the HCG again.  I did lose 4 lbs in the 1st 4 days but for some reason ive been stuck with the same weight for over a week now. So i am wondering, what else could be the reason of NOT losing weight inspite of a very low calorie diet and even incorporating high intensity interval training 3x a week? before i did this 2nd round of hcg, i first suspected i might have thyroid problems (hypothyroidism) so i consulted a doctor, got blood chem and thyroid ultrasound, which all concluded normal thyroid function.

So if my thyroid's normal, and i consume very low calories in a day, and even do intense exercise, and my weight and measurement won't go down, i'm thinking it must be WATER RETENTION.
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Re: The Waterfall Diet
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2015, 08:49:36 pm »
Hi sis. It is not advisable to combine a very low calorie diet like hcg diet with hiit. You can either just do hcg diet muna. Or increase your caloric intake plus do hiit but not both at the same time :) Due to very low caloric deficit, 500 kcal minus pa yung sa hiit exercise (ave 150kcal), our bodies will switch to energy conservation instead of burning fat :)


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