Author Topic: Is it okay na your boss is calling you regarding work related issues while on SL  (Read 7255 times)

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For me it's okay. I'll feel worse if the project/work will be on hold just because they can not contact me. And I trust that they'll only do so when it's something really urgent. Kapag hindi, yun lang yung nakakainis. Lipat ko sa kanila sakit ko.


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It depends:

1. I'm on SL (at home, not serious illness) -- it's ok
2. I'm on SL at the hospital -- no it's not

It's a common practice for us to send a text message prior to calling.
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depends...if you are an hourly/daily paid employee, dapat hindi

pero kung manager ka, it is an expectation hat you can keep you department running even if wala ka sa office.


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