Author Topic: Pano niyo inaalis inis niyo o galit, and how you deal with embarassment?  (Read 6919 times)


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Share away :)

Ako? I usually cry, because I have no other choice. Hindi ko alam pabo papalipasin ang inis. I want to shout so loud pero I have no place to do it lol.


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I think happy thoughts. Our thoughts are very powerful, and naniniwala ako sa "it's all in the mind". Think happy, think light. :-)
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I need to have an outlet. I cry it out or bury my face in a pillow and scream. Then I feel better.
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I am happy to say that I don't get mad easily. At least, not anymore. Feeling negative emotions(anger, embarrassment, jealousy, etc.) is not good for your health. I used to be one of those people na onting issue lang galit na agad or napahiya lang inis na inis na. Till I realized that I was the one suffering if I absorbed all those negative energies. So as much as possible, kahit na may mga tao na 'ginagalit' tayo I tried not to think about them. Of course, tao din ako at nagagalit din. But I choose not dwell on it for a long time. Learn to forgive yourself for dwelling so much in negativity and it will be easy to forgive others.

For me, meditation helps a lot, too. Pray and ask God to give you more patience. Crying is good, too. Release all those negative energies. And I always have this mantra pag napapahiya ako, "nothing really happened". :)
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nagpe pray ako na sana mawala ang sama ng loob,galit at inis na nararamdaman ko at the same time pinagpe pray ko rin ang mga taong nanakit sa akin.

After ko mag pray, bumubuti na ang pakiramdam ko,nawawala ang bigat na naramdaman ko.


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I also cry. Crying helps me release whatever I am feeling. Usually, I give myself a day or two. I think about the problem, exhaust myself out. That's usually how I cope with the problem. After that phase, I feel better. Siguro nga everything heals in time.


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Una, siyempre I allow myself na magalit and mainis. Kasi di naman pwedeng hindi e lalo na when you are wronged or there is injustice. And then I let it go. Pag nahihirapan ako I pray to God that I learn to forgive and marelease ko na yung negative emotions.


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^ same here. Iffeel ko saglit then I let go. And always remember na ayoko ng nega feeling kasi ayoko ng wrinkles.
At pansin ko na yung mga nega na tao saken, from office and kahit saan e may certain shape. Parang lollipop. Iniisip ko lang na ayoko maging kahugis nila. bad noh? Hahaha!
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^ natawa ko sa lollipop sis. hahahahaha!

pero ok yon ah? gawin ko din yon.

ako naman here's what i do. I acknowledge my own feelings first.
ilalabas ko siya talaga dapat. sometimes kapag nasa office ako which is where ako madalas mainis nowwadays, lalabas muna ko at magkakape or basta kailangan kong lumabas.

tapos gagawin ko, i have to ask myself kong bakit ako nainis. kanino? and what is the right action to do after?

pag naresolve ko na tapos medyo bad day parin, punta ko sa youtube tapos manunoud ako videos ng mga cute na aso hahaha
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^lol sis ginagawa ko din yang manuod ng youtube vids ng mga aso! or pag nasa province ako yung aso ko pinagkakatuwaan ako pag bad trip ako. sobrang stress reliever talaga dogs <3

in terms of embarassment, lalo na in public, ako I just laugh it off. mas lalo kase awkward kapag seseryosohin ko eh, so pagtawanan ko na lang.
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Sabi pag ang source ng love mo si God di mauubos. Kasi kung ibebase mo yung attitude mo sa tao eh wala talaga masasaid at masasaid talaga pasensya mo. I'm not saying na it's easy pero pag sinabi ni God na iforgive mo yung isang tao or mahalin mo isang tao gawin mo and see what will happen.  ;D


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Meditation, and not being ashamed of how you feel. Not naman that you would impose or channel that anger towards others, but by recognizing that what you are dealing with is a normal human emotion makes it easier to accept and let go.

Watching funny movies or YouTube videos, especially of cute animals.

Retail therapy (shopping), drinking or binge-eating will NOT serve you right in the long run since they are all expensive and will only take their toll on your well-being. They may take your mind away for a while but they will consume the rest of you and will only give rise to bigger problems eventually.
Ego tells us that only when things fall into place will we attain Peace. But if we listen to the Spirit, our Higher Self will tell us that only when we are at Peace will things fall into place...


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I just give myself time, usually nawawala din yung galit or inis ko. As for embarassment, honestly it's a rare event for me. Insensitive kasi ako at makapal ang mukha haha! So in the event na mapahiya ako, i just accept it and not overthink and do what needs to be done. :P
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Pano iinaalis  ang Inis? 
      I discuss the issue agad with the person concerned.   Usually, it's a little irritating! thing that I want the person:
1.   Not to repeat (ex. Maid: 'Day Teka, halika -- etong ginawa mo ngayon lang eh hindi ko gusto.... Explain explain & get her to understand); or
2.  To realize I don't like what she/he  is doing & to stop doing it en punto (example: sungit salesgirl: 'Day, kumain ka na ba? Ang sungit mo akala ko gutom  ka eh. Ah hindi ka gutom? Pwes, if you don't like your job, lipat ka ng work)

Pano inaalis  ang Galit?
Ah, ingat  ako na I don't throw a tantrum in public kasi baka ma view ko sarili ko sa YouTube. You know how it is these days. Hahahahaha. So, I will just be sarcastic or insulting, using a normal tone & voice level na hindi hear ng lahat. 

As for galit sa husband ko -- I put on a hard suplada face until he has no choice but to ask me WHY? WHATZ UP? ... , then we discuss.
Galit sa mom ko, siblng or relative --  I discuss immediately/ASAP, with colorful language if required..  Eh ganon  kami, volcanoes tapos,  tapos na after an eruption.
Galit sa Sister in law ko --  hindi yata mawawala.   Continuing  ang provocation nya eh --  malapit ko nang kulamin, peksman.  I usually throw sarcastic comments as jokes, pero sa kabobohan nya - hindi nya gets. 


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Re: Pano niyo inaalis inis niyo o galit, and how you deal with embarassment?
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Di ko alam sa galit kasi im still working on that pero embarrassmen/shame naman, I'm trying to learn to "lean into the discomfort." Sabi ng butihing si Brene Brown. Kumbaga wag daw i numb [textspeak!] emotion.Para bang para next time di na ganon katindi effect sa atin.Tumitigas ba mukha?hehe I mean maging emotionally resilient. It is a human emotion na kailangan maexperience natin.


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Re: Pano niyo inaalis inis niyo o galit, and how you deal with embarassment?
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kapag sa employees (na cause ng pagdami ng puting buhok ko) binabalik ko sa kanila yung sakit ng ulo. mahaba naman pasensya ko but once mapuno magtago na sila hehe

kapag in laws nako alam na ng husband ko yan. sa kanya ko kasi sinasabi. bihira naman kami magkita ng in laws ko which makes the situation bearable.

kapag mga random strangers, dati i shy away. ako pa nahiya sa pinaggagawa nila. but now i voice out my concern.

reading books, listening to music or playing with our pet helps. sort of alone time.

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Re: Pano niyo inaalis inis niyo o galit, and how you deal with embarassment?
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I vent out, then i pray kay God to help me in my situation

I also like to look and read words in the bible. It calms me down big time. Share ko lang a verse that helped me. I can still make kwento about my problem pero hindi na ako galit
"Be still in the presence  of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Don't worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes. Stop being angry. Turn from your rage. Do not lose your temper, it only leads to harm. For the wicked will be destroyed, but those who trust in the Lord will possess the land" Psalm 37:7-9


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Re: Pano niyo inaalis inis niyo o galit, and how you deal with embarassment?
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I write down all my inis and pray


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Re: Pano niyo inaalis inis niyo o galit, and how you deal with embarassment?
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I used to cry agad kapag galit dati or nagbabato ng gamit lol, pero recently i just think of happy thoughts, do yoga or music therapy ;)

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Re: Pano niyo inaalis inis niyo o galit, and how you deal with embarassment?
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Pray always :)


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