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Risky Weight Loss - Slimming Pills - Real Talk
« on: December 23, 2013, 08:53:32 pm »
Hello, ladies!! :)

Before you post a reply or share your experience on this thread please take your time to read this:
1. Be accurate and informative. If you have something to share, kindly provide the appropriate information below OR simply write something that states the info asked below to avoid confusion to women who might stumble onto this thread.
2. This thread doesn't encourage sellers of products and/or short testimonials whether they support a brand or unhelpful stuff like that. It could be a marketing strategy.
3. If you are having the same experience with a person that posted in this thread, try sending them a personal message for your questions, they might like that.

Let us all work together in keeping this thread informative and not too tiring to read!
Let's go girls, we can do this! :)

THE BASICS: This is very important so readers of any age would know how diet pills would affect them.
Age: ___
Current Weight: ____ lbs
Target Weight: ____ lbs

Occupation: What do you do for a living? (If you're a student, simply say you're a student)
Exercise: (PE class counts, for commuters > How long is your travel time? Are you sitting most of the ride? How many sets of steps do you climb in a day? MRT, LRT, overpass, office, school building, etc.)

Diet: What do you prefer to eat? (No-rice, all veggies, high-fiber, high-protien, etc.) What types of food do you avoid? Include drinks too!
Bad Habits: How frequent do you involve yourself to these habits? (smoking/drinking/binge eating/indulging on fastfood/midnight snacking/extreme snacking)

1. Did you ever use a slimming pill to aid your weight loss?
2. What brand did you use? How effective was it? Any side effects?
3. Did you know that it's risky to take these products before you started taking it?

What made you decide to take them?
Have you ever considered a healthier alternative?
Have you pushed yourself into doing the healthier choice?
How long have you stayed of the pills/drink?
How is your progress?

Say something that would help a curious lady to decide. It doesn't matter whether you are for slimming pills or against it! Speak your mind!

Here goes mine!

Age: 23
Current Weight: 127 lbs
Desired Weight: 100-110 lbs

I have been trying to lose weight for over a week now. It's quite personal why I have been pushing myself to lose the extra weight but mostly it's because I just need a boost of self-esteem. I had problems with my self-image since I was a kid.

I did my research on diet pills AND healthy alternatives. I found a helpful and inspiring health guru, Joana Soh, search it on YouTube! I was inspired by her work-out videos and diet tips, but I think her positive attitude is what inspired me the most. BUT I also found these Japan Hokkaido Pills and read a whole forum about it, on this very website. And I believed in the effectiveness of the pill. So what I did is I purchased just 2 bottles of these and signed myself up for a gym.

I was VERY reluctant to take the pills because I was scared. Plus, I already signed up for a fitness gym, with a pool and well-maintained gym equipments, why else should I take diet pills right?

Here's what I did:

I did a research on the brand of the pill I'm taking. Japhok. I've read the effects of the drugs found in the pill itself, DO NOT BELIEVE what's written on the label. It's a hoax. Japhok contains sibutramine which I believe gives the same effect as amphetamines. So para siyang shabu, basically. It keeps your heart/digestion going without having anything to process. IT'S HIGHLY DANGEROUS.
If you do not sweat it out, chemicals will find a way to escape from your body, break outs, gnarly breath and such.

Knowledgeable of the facts, I strictly monitor my intake of the pill and take one or two days off of it. I did it once, I took one pill before breakfast and headed to the gym after for 2hours, I felt groggy and super tired afterwards. After that incident I never took them when I have time to the gym as I'm terrified of passing out, also so my body wouldn't grow dependent on it.

Why I use this pill: I only use it to speed up my weight loss. That's it. I don't depend on it to supress my appetite, I still eat. I love to eat. Self-discipline is still the most important value if you really want to shed some pounds.


No pills: I go out to eat a full meal, avoiding fried food then head to the gym for 15 mins. cardio - 15 mins. strength training (targeting the chest area and core) - 30 mins of yoga. Sometimes if I feel I can do more, I take my time relaxing my body and do 15 mins more cardio and yoga. It's really refreshing.

Sometimes I take two pills in the morning, when I want to stay home to rest my body and I make sure I have lots of water through-out the day. 20 glasses!
Sometimes I take one before breakfast, and one before dinner. (For cheat days!)

Never make it a habit to take them because your body would grow dependent on it. You should have more power over your body! Fight it. I think the yoga and meditation helps me listen to what my body needs and dodge all the temptations.


I only use these pills if I don't have time to visit the gym, for cheat days (cheat day is a diet jargon wherein you could eat anything you want. I still avoid fastfood and sodas all those crap food, I just eat healthy and plenty).

I still drink alcohol but I limit myself to one drink and smoke cigarettes. << This is what I really want to get rid of aside from the flab. When I am in the situation: I let my body recover from the drinking for 24hours and double my exercise after recovery. I don't smoke my habitual morning cigarettes before going to the gym and no pills too!

Progress: Today, is my rest day. Last time I checked, my weight dropped down to 120lbs

To have a fit body needs time, determination, and hardwork. No pills in the market could give you abs. If you want abs, work hard for it. It will feel better if you've earned it!
I don't recommend this to people that work in front of a computer for a long time and people with high blood pressure or with a history of heart disease. For the younger generation, don't EVEN think about taking this pill, hindi niyo ito kailangan, you already have the energy in your youth that this pill gives! Just push yourself a little harder! Trust me, it will be rewarding!

Read Thoroughly: Specially the side effects and contraindications

Thank you for reading! May God bless us all!

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