Author Topic: All about Wifi Camera's or Smart Camera's  (Read 1581 times)


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All about Wifi Camera's or Smart Camera's
« on: December 03, 2012, 04:41:13 pm »
I notice there's no topic about different types of wifi camera's. So I just want to create one so we can discuss any type of wifi/smart cameras.

I will start off: I like my Samsung WB150F Smart Camera. It's an upgrade to the point and shoot digital camera I had but with better features and takes very nice photos. It's not bulky like the DSLR's so it's very portable. And the quality of the pictures are great with a 14 megapixels.

Here's the spec: Samsung WB150F Smart Camera.

I haven't really mess with it yet manually with aperture and what nots. I find setting it to auto smart will get you a very great photos even at night with no lighting.

What I love about it is that you can easily post your pictures to your PC wirelessly, facebook, photobucket or picasa account. Or Youtube accout for videos. Also you can email it. That's why it's called smart camera.

I know, I know most people have a smart phone now that will easily do that. But this camera is just dedicated to taking pictures and it's very good quality. And did I say very portable than a DSLR? The quality of the photos are almost the same as the DSLR's too.

There are a lot more features too like panorama photos, different effects, frames, double images etc.

This camera is just great to have when you're out with your friends or on tour and you don't want to add bulk or weight on what you're carrying. :D

The only thing I want improve of this thing is a touch screen lens.

So anyone that can share their experience with their Smart Camera's or WIFI camera's. Just post away! :D
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Re: All about Wifi Camera's or Smart Camera's
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2013, 10:00:53 pm »

We recently got the Samsung NX1000 camera. It comes with to sets of lens. Has a 20.3 mega pixels. We got the  Impressive photo quality. You can upload the photos to the net with a WIFI connection.

I'm also taking time to read the manual. I've learned to set the WB (White Balance) for the camera to adapt to the available lighting like tungsten, daylight, etc.

The main use for this camera is to shoot merchandise which I post in the net for our online shop.
I'm very happy with it. It's user-friendly, each option comes with a quick info on what it means to be selecting that option, but, I would recommend reading the manual to be aware of its full potential.


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