Author Topic: The 3-Month Breakup Rule  (Read 1739 times)


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The 3-Month Breakup Rule
« on: June 07, 2012, 08:10:12 pm »

The ceramic coffee cup was glaring at me.

No more! It willed me.

In my head, I could still hear his soft voice. It was too gentle, but the conviction in his voice was so strong it was resounding, like an echo, piercing my ears and stabbing my heart.

My eyes focused on the coffee cup, it was half empty, or half full. I smirked as a the scene pushed its way to my mind trying to play repeatedly; but I struggled and pulled it back to the deepest and innermost part of my memory.

And instead, I focused on this. A cup.

The ceramic was navy blue and decorated with daisies, stemming out of the handle and forming the word "Princess" at the center. Princess, I half-smiled and half-frowned at the thought.
There was a sudden noise behind me, fishing me out of my thoughts. Glancing back, I saw my best friend, Cindy.

Cindy Thorne is an angel on earth. She has soft, blue, sympathetic eyes; long blonde curls, fine smooth skin and a smile to die for. She's the epitome of perfection and her slim figure moved gracefully from the door to sit beside me.

I smell her strawberry perfume as she clasped my head on her perfect hands. Yes, everything about her is perfect.

"Emma, are you okay?" she asked eyeing me anxiously. She leaned forward and I smelled her sweet breath, "Have you been drinking?"

"What?" I managed to pull away and looked at her, but I felt groggy. Wait, should this really be how coffee should affect me?

She stood up again, putting her hands on her hips when she noticed the cup on my table. She picked it up, sniffed it--"Jesus, Emma! What the hell is this?"

"Coffee...” I muttered softly, grinning to myself. Why am I grinning anyway?
I heard her sigh, "This is not coffee."

She was obviously waiting for my reply, but I felt so sleepy and my mouth didn't open. I'm too tired. I just slumped back on the table and the last word I heard from her was "Jesus!"


I've uploaded this story to so if you want to get fresher updates, please check it out. :)
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