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Re: Marie France WARNING!
« Reply #20 on: November 03, 2016, 10:30:31 am »
Do not even consider going here if you want to lose weight.  It is a total waste of money.  I sincerely regret coming here -- ZERO results for me in terms of weight and inches lost.

If you want to be slim, you really have to work hard for it through diet and exercise.  No pain, no gain.  I was very religious in undergoing the treatment twice a week, eating the recommended 1200-calories (90% of the time), sleep early, and sometimes I even do exercises.  But no changes on the scale whatsoever.  It has caused me so much stress and agony which I feel adds to the reason why I am not losing weight.

I came to Marie France expecting to be fit, 10-15 lbs lighter, slimmer-- but it did not happen.  My confidence level and how I looked at myself even got worse, on top of that, money wasted.  Consider this as a warning folks.  Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money for a hit or miss.  Sadly, it was really a miss for me. 


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Re: Marie France
« Reply #21 on: June 16, 2018, 12:22:23 pm »
Hi! This isn't a paid endorsement ha. I'm an actual Marie France client and I just enrolled for Vara Pulse sessions. I've had 4 sessions in all. I just feel that the reviews here are unfair. The problem, I think, is most of you rely on the treatments to lose weight. Dapat kasi supplementary lang. Ako kasi, i work out regularly and try to eat well most of the time. I only got the treatment for my problem area, thighs, that's resistant talaga to diet and exercise. Even after i lost so much weight due to breastfeeding, my thighs still retained its girth and cellulites. After my first sessions palang, i felt the difference already. And i love the sessions kasi theyre so relaxing! 4 sessions in, i can already feel that my thighs are a little trimmer and my cellulites are not as visible as they used to be. It really worked for me. The thigh area of my pants also became more lose than before. I have 15 more sessions to go and i cant wait to see how things will progress. Excited talaga ako! I also try to eat well and exercise more now with the sessions para hindi debit-credit yung treatments. Kasi din what's the point of going to slimming treatments kung babawiin mo lang din sa lamon at sedentary lifestyle. Sayang e. So my point is, dont just rely on the treatments. Exercise and eat well first and view your slimming sessions as supplementary lang to those two so that you wont waste money and get disappointed w your treatments :)

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Re: Marie France
« Reply #22 on: June 16, 2018, 04:36:00 pm »
May kilala ako na nurse that used to work in MF.  Yung Cold Wrap Treatment daw nila is petroleum  jelly na may parang eucalyptus / mint oil kaya bag nilagay sa balat malamig sa pakiramdam.  They would charge thousands for this na petroleum jelly & cling wrap lang.


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Re: Marie France
« Reply #23 on: September 05, 2018, 01:50:17 pm »
fell for their bait hahaha...

no to this. I've paid 40k (initial) ++ ...sayang lang sa time. I followed din naman their instructions - lowered my food intake and exercised pero walang nagbago. That was just last year. 70kgs and when I stopped, ayun lobo till 74-74kgs hahaha. I just went for Keto Diet and IF and onting running/Zumba ayun bumaba 68kgs in 3mos then balik na ko sa dating gawing food.

Diet nalang  ;) and onting exercise - maintain. :)


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