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Re: TAKING CARE OF LAPTOPS: Tips, Tricks and Questions [Thread 2]
« Reply #180 on: January 31, 2015, 03:58:45 pm »
^that's very helpful. Thank you. :) so hindi na ako mag UPS and derecho batteri na lang

By the way, i bought my laptop last 2014 (acer brand). The battery is ok pa naman, it lasts 4hrs pag fully charged according dun sa indicator. I know sooner or later masisira din yung batt ko and maybe by then super luma na the model i have, so habang maaga, is it ok to buy spare batteri from acer na lang for future use (maybe after 2-3 yrs) ?

Baka kasi by then hindi na sila magmanufacture ng batteri for my model.

Also, is it ok if i use a home vaccuum to vaccuum yung keyboards and fan  ng laptop ko, for the dirt and dust.

I dont know how to open my laptop, so i will just vaccuum them from the outside.

Ok lang ba yan? Or baka mahigop yung hardware nya? :P (sorry my question is kinda stupid.. :| )

Thanks. Glad I was able to help you out.  ;D

It really wouldn't hurt to get a spare battery for your laptop, mas maganda nga yung gagawin mo especially if you carry your laptop outside frequently para habang hindi pa naluluma yung model that means madali pa makahanap ng original parts for it. Pero wag ka muna bumili agad agad syempre, only when you feel like you really have to para iwas dagdag gastos kasi since bago pa model ng laptop mo, chances are, medyo may kamahalan pa yan unless of course you'd be able to find a local source that sells them for a lower price. I'm also an acer user (a satisfied one) and since 2010 I never really needed to replace the battery kasi I wasn't extensively using it before - except when I need to do some occasional photo editing or gaming, in which case, are done mostly at home naman so naka plug pa rin ako sa AC.

By the time I started noticing that my battery could only hold less than 2 hrs of charge (on idle mode lang tapos 1.5 hrs pag may ginagawa ako) it was too late na dahil spare parts for it became rare and I checked this with ACER themselves pero wala na sila stocks for it so I stopped bothering for it na. I was still abroad when that happened, pano pa kaya dito sa pinas eh di mas lalong mas mahirap maghanap ng parts.

If it helps, I've went in to their website for the list of local service centers so you can give them a call just in case you need to have yours checked in the future. Here's the link:

As for the cleaning naman, medyo OA na yata yung home vacuum and it's actually good that you asked about it but generally a bad idea to do kasi pwede nya mahigop yung keys ng keyboard mo (naka-clip lang kasi mga yun on the panel) - it happened to my co worker before, he had to dig through the vacuum bin just to find the "Enter" key ;D What you do is just get a  simple brush (yung mga pang pintura lang) and use that instead. Pag dirt naman on the exterior, get a tissue tapos alcohol lang pwede na yan.

Laptops are built to last naman and can handle a bit of abuse, after all, that is what they're originally made for. Basta properly maintained lang both inside and outside, properly shut down when not in use tsaka yung earlier advice ko na i-angat ang laptop para hindi makulob ang init sa ilalim.


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Re: TAKING CARE OF LAPTOPS: Tips, Tricks and Questions [Thread 2]
« Reply #181 on: February 01, 2015, 01:14:38 pm »
^thank you. :) by the way one year old na laptop ko, bought january 2014. buti namention mo about battery, i guess i have to go buy spare batt na kasi not so new model na rin to (i think)

right now, i am backing up my files and documents sa external harddrive. then i will follow some of the tips shared here like disk clean up etc, i also made system restore before pero no idea how nd when i will use it talaga. :)

this thread is very helpful especially hindi naman ako masyado techie :D
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Re: TAKING CARE OF LAPTOPS: Tips, Tricks and Questions [Thread 2]
« Reply #182 on: February 01, 2015, 05:15:04 pm »
^no problem!  ;D

additional tip din sa pagback up, for documents like cv or other important documents try backing them up in your email na rin - yun bang naka attach sa isang message tapos naka save sa drafts para kung sakali you need to have it printed somewhere else asap tapos wala ka media device to put it into atleast you got it in your email.

System restore naman only affects yung mga naka install sa computer mo and not your personal files. Pag dumating yung time na biglang ayaw mag start properly ng computer mo, windows will ask you if you would like to start it using system restore. Ang pagkakaalam ko, by default, automatic na rin ang system mo to perform that, ok naman sya kasi that helped me when i needed to get my computer working back normally. You will get prompts naman guiding you on how to go about it so no need to worry about it now.

btw, di rin ako masyado techie, natuto lang din ako based on experience kasi ilang beses na ko nasisiraan ng computer way back hehe  ::)

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Re: TAKING CARE OF LAPTOPS: Tips, Tricks and Questions [Thread 2]
« Reply #183 on: February 07, 2015, 12:55:09 am »
Is Mr. Clean magic eraser available at Ace? Or would there be other recommended cleaning products I could buy from hardware stores to clean my white polycarbonate Macbook (esp. keyboard)? Thanks! 😊
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