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High Sugary Beverage Consumption May Increase Endometrial Cancer Risk

Overconsumption of soft drinks and sweetened drinks may have a negative impact on your health.

Too Much Soda Linked to Juvenile Aggression

Researchers suggest giving your children healthier drinks to choose from to avoid negative behavioral changes.

Consuming Too Many Sugary Beverages May Increase Chances of Juvenile Obesity

A recent study notes that parents should monitor not just what their kids eat, but what they drink as well.

Refined Carbs May Trigger Cravings Similar to Addicts

Researchers warn against taking in too much refined carbs as these may lead to unhealthy bingeing.

Too Much Soda May Cause Oral Deterioration

Citric acid in sodas may ruin tooth enamel, causing severe mouth problems.

Too Many Sugary Drinks May Cause Kidney Stones

Researchers say you may want to hold back on regularly drinking sweetened juice.

Sugared Drinks Linked to Increase in High-Calorie Food Intake in Children

Unhealthy eating can start at a very young age and may result in obesity and other health conditions.

Drinking Water Instead of Sugary Beverages May Help Lower Your Diabetes Risk

Choosing water over your favorite sweetened drinks may keep you safe from diabetes.