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Taking Breaks between Sedentary Hours May Lower Disease Risk in Kids

Parents need to interrupt their kids' long hours of watching TV or playing video games to keep weight-related diseases at bay.

Ample Sleep May Help Manage Children's Weight, Says Study

Getting enough rest every night may lessen your child's daily calorie intake.

Obesity May Lead to Hypertension In Children

Proper diet and exercise may save children from the risk of hypertension and its resulting diseases.

Weight Gain during Pregnancy May Increase Chances of Juvenile Obesity

Pregnant women should eat and exercise properly to avoid passing on the obesity risk to their children.

Juvenile Obesity May Increase Hypertension Risk During Adulthood

It's important for parents to monitor their children's weight, as the more pounds they gain, the more unhealthy they get.

Chemical BPA Linked to Childhood Obesity

Children may be handling products laced with BPA on a daily basis which could affect their health.