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Obesity Linked to Early Decline in Kidney Function

Eating right and exercising daily may keep your kidneys healthy.

Stressed Parents May Be More Likely to Have Obese Kids

New research reveals that the anxieties you pass on to your children may be prompting them to eat more.

Consuming Too Many Sugary Beverages May Increase Chances of Juvenile Obesity

A recent study notes that parents should monitor not just what their kids eat, but what they drink as well.

Children with ADHD More Prone to Adult Obesity

ADHD symptoms may increase the chances of kids growing up overweight.

Community Gardening May Lower Your BMI, Study Says

Trying to lose weight? Better start getting down and dirty--in your garden, that is.

Cutting Back on Car Travel May Help You Lose Weight

As the holiday season comes to a close, you may want to keep your hands away from the cookies, the fruitcake, and well, even the car keys.

Regularly Drinking Sugary Beverages May Amplify Your Genetic Risk of Obesity

That glass of iced tea you have with every lunch isn't just giving you a sugar high--it's also rewiring your genes.

Breastfeeding Has Long-Term Weight Loss Benefits

Research shows that breastfeeding during your younger years can help you lose weight.

Study Shows that Your Friends May Influence Your Weight

If your friends have a low body mass index, then your chances of lowering yours or keeping it low are higher, too.

Decode Those Digits: 13 Abbreviations and Numbers that Relate to Your Health

BP 140/120, FBS 120, BMI 30--find out what medical terms like this mean with our guide.

New Study: Slimmer Wives Make for Happier Marriages

Research suggests that women who weigh less than their husbands have happier unions.