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Re: Party Host/Magicians Suggestions (Thread 3)
« Reply #80 on: October 19, 2019, 10:59:35 pm »
From feedbacks here, I booked Aren the magician on my daughter's 7th bday at Holiday Inn Glorietta last Oct 2019. This was the biggest mistake!!! With all the spendings on hotel, food, decors, souvenirs, naging corny and the party was a whole chaos because late na si Aren (coz he said he can do hosting) and hindi pa nya binasa program flow, which I sent a few days before the event.  He replied he will review but he was holding the whole program sheet and worse...he read out the names of my relatives included in the 7 wishes program as if hindi nya ma-pronounce.  PInalalabas nya na mahirap surnames ng guests ko!!!  This is a as a host.  ToTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL.  So, I have asked my sis to continue announcing the names na lang para naman maging dignified and match yung program sa venue.  He is not for hosting...pang magic lang talaga sya.  Even his magic, he did not even match sa audience.  Nakaka frustrate talaga....


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Re: Party Host/Magicians Suggestions (Thread 3)
« Reply #81 on: December 09, 2019, 11:44:55 am »
I got Aren twice. smooth naman ang transaction namin. and i liked his magic show and puppetshow medyo mabilis siya magpagames pero nakuha nman niya attention ng guest ko. anyway that's my experience to aren hehe  share ko lang 😊


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