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Re: Spirit Baby/ Babies
« Reply #40 on: May 17, 2014, 03:49:52 pm »
I just want to share:

I had a dream December 2005. When I woke up I was smiling. The dream was I gave birth to twin girls. In my dream, I named Twin 1 Alexandra and I was playing with her the whole time. I was looking for Twin 2 but I could not find her though during the dream I was really focused on Twin 1.

Then I woke up, looking for Twin 2. Realizing that it was just a dream, deadma lang and I prepared for work. I texted my BF of the dream. A few days laters, December 16, 2005 to be exact... I bought a pregnancy test kit and found out I was pregnant.

7 months later, I gave birth to a baby boy (in my dream twin girls). I am thankful that my child's normal and healthy...
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