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Re: All About Photography [Thread 3]
« Reply #320 on: November 22, 2015, 01:32:00 pm »
Hi everyone! Share ako uli ng mga engagement and prenup sesh ko :)

Engagement (actual proposal) -

Prenup at Pinto Art Museum -

I've been thinking seriously about doing a basic photography session and share a few techniques as well for prenups. Anyone interested? Just let me know :)

I love the pre-nup shots sis. Favorite museum ko pa ang Pinto. Gusto ko din diyan someday!

I'd love to join any photography session that you'll have. Let me know! :)


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Re: All About Photography [Thread 3]
« Reply #321 on: November 28, 2015, 01:21:27 am »
I don't really have a studio or something. Photography is one of the things I do on the side. Stress reliever ko siya. When I was still teaching, I trained students for campus photojournalism. After I resigned from the school, I was not able to do a lot of photography, especially since my camera (a point and shoot digicam) broke down.

Today, most of the photography I do is street photography. Kaya lang, bago pa lang ako. Medyo trying to learn the ropes pa. I'm trying to learn new things and improve my skills by joining photowalks. Gusto ko rin sana mag-join ng workshops, but I haven't had the chance to. I don't even own a camera; not even a point and shoot. I just borrow from my assistant whenever I need one.

I love taking photos because the images tell a lot of stories. And I'm a storyteller. :)


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