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Re: YOUR Life Lesson/s
« Reply #580 on: June 29, 2019, 08:03:58 pm »
Ako naman I've learned that in order for you to be happy and successful in life, you have to love and experience all the failures you can have. Di naman ibig sabihin magpaka-tan-ga ka. What I mean is, its okay to fail and make  mistakes. What's more important is how you pick yourself up after that. By doing so, you'll be more stronger. Celebrate bad times and learn from it. And always believe in your own opinion about yourself. By doing that, you'll be happier. :)

I agree! for 3 years since I've graduated from college I've been chasing any opportunity na pweding maging way para ma achieve  dream career ko at ibang goals ko para sakin at sa family ko. Kaya kahit masaya ako sa first job ko, I left to pursue a career in IT industry pero hindi nag work out and I'm left with nothing but a penny sa expenses ko sa pag apply at pagpaasa sakin na hired na ko pero nagka regret letter pako. then after a year of being jobless, I decided to go back to teaching pero sa ibang school at somewhere na malapit ang proximity sa residence ko habang nag tra-training every weekends ng pang dagdag credentials ko. and within that time period, sumasideline na din ako mag apply sa gov't agencies at offices para magka permanent work or regular work ako para makapag grad school. and this year God has finally answered my prayers.

pero during those 3 years, I lost contact with some friends cause I'm ashamed to tell them my struggles and dte ginawa ko na to na maging super honest sa struggles ko pero yung iba turned their backs on me at yung iba naman hindi ko naman masisi hindi ako matulungan kase may sarili din silang struggles. so nag on hiatus ako sa socmeds ko muna. kinalimutan ko muna yung travel goals at ibang leisurely pursuits dahil aside sa may financial struggle ako pati family ko nag ka setback din sa work nila kaya gipit kami ng time na yun talaga. na depressed din ako at naisip ko pano ko makakapag start over kung kahit pang apply sa company na target ko wala ako. at masama man mainggit hindi ko maiwasan kahit papanu mainggit at sisihin sarili ko bakit ako nag struggle. dagdag mu pa yung iba kong relatives esp. relatives ko na hindi malayo ang age sakin, na kung ano anong remarks na hindi maganda sinasabi sakin. napatanong din ako ng Have I been to ambitious? Mali ba course na pinili ko? baka hindi talaga para sakin ang mag work, baka hanggang ganito na lang. pero kahit madami akong doubts sa sarili ko, try pa din ako ng try mag apply hanggang sa natanggap ako sa isang private company na may decent pay. medyo kulang pa nga ako sa credential pero ok na daw yung past work experiences ko para i hire nila ko. ngayun nag aaral nako sa grad school. although malayo pa sa dream career ko, isang stepping stone na din ito para ma achieve ko yung gusto ko. and I'm glad na nag tsaga ako, I'm glad na I chose to be mum sa mga ill remarks na binabato sakin ng iba kong relatives. siguro try and try lang at mag pray lagi. ibibigay din ni God sa tamang time yung mga bagay na gusto naten.
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Re: YOUR Life Lesson/s
« Reply #581 on: July 08, 2019, 04:46:38 pm »
^ I remember myself in you 10 years ago. I had this kind of feelings. I probably called it quarter life crises :).

But just like you, i went past that stage and i am pretty much contented with my life right now.

I guess it started from realizing that being simple, living below or within my means and being an essential-ist  made me love myself more  and be contented. I enjoy the small things now and enjoy the present than looking at the big picture and being a go-getter or the need to prove something to others. By adopting this sort of lifestyle or disposition, I feel less stress. I don't have to conform with the society's standards. This is my life and I am the only one who knows what's best for me.


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Re: YOUR Life Lesson/s
« Reply #582 on: July 21, 2019, 09:28:42 pm »
Wag intindihin ang opinyon ng ibang tao, your opinion is your opinion. If they don't respect it then huwag.  8) PERIOD.  ;D
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Re: YOUR Life Lesson/s
« Reply #583 on: August 22, 2019, 01:00:15 pm »
even those you treated sisters in your entire 7 years working can screw you and dump you, so i learned hard not to trust coworkers anymore and build genuine friendship. if they need me, i can be there for them without hesitations but for them to be included on my personal abode? not anymore :D honestly, i thought. what kind of a friend i have built with for 7 years? non sense! i have learned the hard way how to shrug it off and the art of deadma


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Re: YOUR Life Lesson/s
« Reply #584 on: August 23, 2019, 01:05:38 pm »
1. Pick your battles
2. Walk away from any negativity --- things, people, situations
3. Don't let past mistakes dictate your present and future
4. Learn to let go of control
5. Trust God will all your heart
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Re: YOUR Life Lesson/s
« Reply #585 on: September 02, 2019, 06:48:49 pm »
pag di ka na masaya sa relationship wag na pilitin pa. kahit kasal, kahit pa may anak basta maging mabuting magulang ka sa anak mo pero yung ipilit na makisama pa sa asawa na di pinaramdam sayo na mahal ka, okay lang na humiwalay na lang. Wag na isipin ang sasabihin ng ibang tao, hindi sila ang makakasama mo sa buhay. minsan ka na lang mabuhay bakit hindi mo pa gawin worth it diba?


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Re: YOUR Life Lesson/s
« Reply #586 on: September 03, 2019, 12:41:22 pm »
Always pick and chose your battles
Not everything deserves second glance, best to move forward.
Let Go and Let God always


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