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Re: Free Courses
« Reply #440 on: May 07, 2013, 03:04:34 pm »
For those into baking:

Dough-it-all will be having a DEMO on SWEET DOUGH MAKING to be used on variety of breads this coming MAY 11 SATURDAY. For details, kindly search their fan page at facebook (dough-it-all)


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Re: Free Courses
« Reply #441 on: March 21, 2015, 03:23:30 pm »
Up for this thread.

I am looking for free courses or seminars.

Can somebody also provide info about TESDA? or experience about enrolling in Tesda?
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Re: Free Courses
« Reply #442 on: June 08, 2015, 01:00:54 am »
Anyone who went to different seminars in PTTC??
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Re: Free Courses
« Reply #443 on: August 11, 2015, 02:29:54 pm »
^^ Uminit lang ang ulo ko sis sa TESDA.  I checked their website for available courses last year and this year din, and sa totoo lang walang kwenta yung TESDA website.  Ang daming naka-list na courses--ang ganda tignan diba, ang daming options, nakaka-enganyo--pero halos lahat hindi available and pag tinatanong ko yung mga taga-TESDA kung kailan yung schedule ng next batch for these classes e palagi ang sagot e "hindi namin alam/hindi namin masabi, tawag-tawag na lang kayo ulit from time to time".  >:(

Sobrang nakakainis ang TESDA experience ko.  There's this general perception na masakit sa ulo and pahirap sobra ang lahat ng bagay about the government, government offices and government employees--na puro corruption, lagay, extremely unnecessary red tape, etc.  Ayoko lahatin ang lahat ng government agencies and employees dito, kasi meron din naman iilan na matitino.  Sad to say e yung mga nakausap ko sa TESDA e mga tamad, unhelpful, walang alam and walang pakialam.

I started out by using the class listings on the TESDA website and calling schools that were listed as offering the classes I was interested in (classes in IT, languages, teaching/training).  Lahat ng tinawagan kong schools either a) denied that they were ever connected to or offering TESDA courses, or b) said that they used to do that pero matagal nang hindi na tipong 2 or 3 years ago pa.

So after wasting all that time calling these schools, my next thought was "Okay, mukhang di updated ang info sa TESDA website, better call the TESDA head office na mismo to get the newest info."  As it turned out, that was another colossal waste of time.

Sa head office ako ng TESDA una tumawag, and when I asked about the courses e di pa nga ako tapos magsalita e ang sagot kaagad sa akin e "tignan niyo na lang sa TESDA website, nakalista dun lahat ng courses and schools na available, tawagan niyo sila directly," after which e binabaan na ako kaagad ng telepono.  :o   Nung tumawag ako ulit, same woman yung nakausap ko and I explained to her na I already called the schools listed on the website and that these schools all claim to not currently be a part of the TESDA program.  I asked her if there was newer info on her end or if she knew who/what department would have that and she said no.  When I asked her kung kailan iuupdate yung info sa TESDA website or kung kailan yung next batch ng available classes/schedules, sabi niya hindi nila alam and tumawag-tawag na lang ako ulit.  Halatang-halata sa boses niya and pananalita na kating-kati na siya ibaba yung telepono at i-continue ang pakikipag-chismisan niya.  When I asked her why they put up a list of so-called available classes and schools when hindi naman accurate yung info dun, sabi niya tawagan ko na lang daw yung ibang TESDA chapters ng Metro Manila kasi baka may additional info dun or ongoing classes na hindi listed sa website and "hindi namin alam kung ano ang available classes or schedules sa ibang TESDA branches dito sa Metro Manila, tawagan niyo na lang sila isa-isa para malaman."  ::)

I ended up calling 3 other TESDA branches and they were all pretty much a replay of my conversation with the head office: unang tanong pa lang e sa TESDA website na ako kaagad tinuturo, when I informed them that the website had outdated info e puro "yun lang yung info na meron kami", and pretty much all other questions were answered with the standard "hindi namin alam/masabi, tawag na lang kayo ulit from time to time" or "tawagan niyo yung head office, baka may bagong update sila."

So I called the head office again, but not the same number where I spoke to the rude woman.  This time a guy answered, but unfortunately he and his supervisor were as unhelpful as the horrible woman.  Thinking that the 3rd time might be the charm, I called another head office number and spoke to another woman who had basically the same responses as the first rude woman and second unhelpful guy and his supervisor, but did advise me to call the TESDA language center at the Taguig complex to get more info on language classes.

When I called the language center, I was informed that as of that time they were the only ones offering TESDA language classes (which was contrary to the TESDA website info), and that these language classes were only offered to people who could present proof that they needed to learn these languages as part of their job--usually entertainers or domestic helpers flying off to non-English-speaking countries, or Philippine-based employees with a non-English-speaking foreign boss.

So after wasting 5 hours of my life on the phone, I found out that the classes I was interested in were all unavailable, the few classes that were available were mostly in the manual labor/service industry (ex. welding, waiter servicing), the info on the TESDA website is outdated and quite a lot of their employees are lazy, rude, walang alam and walang pakialam.  All that tax money funding that agency and the lazy-ass workers were just wasted.  It just makes me steaming mad that this mediocrity and ineptitude reigns and that our hard-earned money goes into funding this useless crap.   >:(


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Re: Free Courses
« Reply #444 on: August 11, 2015, 04:05:25 pm »
^Sis I remember nag-ask din ako sa tesda about their courses halos same experience tayo.. Altho hindi ako kasing pursigido mo, after a few calls e sumuko na ko. :)


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Re: Free Courses
« Reply #445 on: August 20, 2015, 03:04:27 am »
^grabe naman yan! Nakakainis nga naman. Wala ba silang number na tipong very head sa head office nila para asikasuhin yan. Well anyway, gusol ko rin pong magaral sa tesda yung baking po sana. I researched on them na before kaya lang ang lalayo kasi ng campuses nila. And also, i suggest na kung magLanguage po kayo sa Perpetual Dalta kayo magapply. At least dun mas okay ang service nila compared to tesda. May kilala po akong currently nagaaral ng Nihonggo sa Perps :)


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Re: Free Courses
« Reply #446 on: August 20, 2015, 02:05:27 pm »
ask nyo sa mga barangay nyo.. sa pasig kasi meron baking. bartending, cel repair, dressmaking.. etc


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Re: Free Courses
« Reply #447 on: November 24, 2015, 12:11:35 pm »
May seminar or workshop for skin care product making like body scrub, whitening lotion and soap pls message me im really interested
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