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Celebrity Gabfest / Re: Marian Rivera Thread 19
« Last post by chinkywinky on Today at 04:45:08 am »
Sobrang pogi ng baby boy. Ganda ng genes ni Marian and DD. Paramihin pa lahi!  ;D
Plan to upgrade my phone. Huawei P30 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10?

Gusto ko lang bumili ng InstaPot pero ang daming versions. 
We've Got Male! / Re: Got questions regarding men? Post it here! (Thread 9)
« Last post by kvan on Today at 04:38:40 am »
^Paasa because of the intention.
Hellboy - 7/10
Merry Melodies / Re: Now Playing Thread XIII
« Last post by megansmomma on Today at 03:14:02 am »
Pauwi nako - OC Dawgs / EXB  ;D ;D ;D
Merry Melodies / Re: Now Playing Thread XIII
« Last post by drag0nfly on Today at 02:52:07 am »
Map of the Soul: Persona - BTS
Diet & Nutrition / Re: Ano ang pinaka effective na natry nyo na diet?
« Last post by drag0nfly on Today at 02:50:45 am »
^No, it can't.  Diba nga the experts say, weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise, you cannot outrun a bad diet and the like.  That's because most of the time, we overestimate the amount of calories we burn during exercise.  The best and most effective way to lose weight is to lessen your food intake.  What I do is, aside from portioning out my food, I eat only until I feel almost full.  Yung tipong pwede pa, pero stop na ako.  Kahit walang workout, guaranteed weight loss for me. 
^sis, may glowing effect ba si tationil?
Savings & Investments / Re: What Is Your Monthly Budget?
« Last post by jtansanco on Today at 02:32:14 am »
^ Natawa ako sa massage but we have to treat ourselves. That's why every time I visit there, I get a massage every day. Haha

^^ Ayos yan when you get reimbursed from the government.
Hi ladies,

Are there anyone here who's familiar with Indemand Wedding Films? I'm planning to get them because of affordable yet very promising outputs on their page. Pero konti lang [textspeak!] reviews na nakikita ko sa kanila galing dito sa GT, and mejo matagal na rin. Gusto ko sana ng updated reviews, sana meron dito na sila yung naging videographer. For photo we're still thinking of Gatz Creatives or Law T.,

Indemand is good. Kaso I've got a friend na sila yung kinuha kaso yung may-ari ng studio hindi sumipot on the day and nagcover ng ibang event. Maaasahan and maganda naman yung output ng team nya pero syempre medyo off pa din na wala sya during your wedding.

For photo, go with Law T (or check out Ralph Lee din :) ) Bad impression na sakin ang Gatz Creatives dahil sa pag-double book nya sa friend ko. Nauna magbook yung friend ko sa kanila pero ang pinadala nya is yung TeamB nya. Worst is, nagdahilan pa sya na maysakit yung anak nya kaya di sya makakarating. My friend found out months after na may kasabay pala syang wedding and dun nagshoot si Gatz. :(
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