What’s in a job title? Let’s admit it—we all want something that looks fancy on a calling card because the position written under your name can affect a person’s initial impression of you.

But while a nice-sounding job title can look really sharp for others, it can also make you feel good about what you do. Forbes recently featured a survey done by Fairygodboss, a US-based career and company review website that caters to women, about which job titles were related to higher career satisfaction among ladies.


Here the occupations that made it to the top 10:

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1. Senior Program Manager

2. Senior Product Manager

3. Sales Representative tied with Principal, and Senior Marketing Manager

4. Intern

5. HR Manager tied with Recruiter

6. Managing Director

7. AVP tied with Program Coordinator

8. Senior Analyst

9. Specialist

10. Finance Manager

These were followed by Operations Manager, Associate Attorney, Administrator, Project Coordinator, Editor, Executive Director, Producer, Senior Associate, Senior Manager, Assistant Director, Vice President, Attorney, and Business Manager.

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Interestingly, having a high corporate position doesn’t necessarily mean that your job happiness is also high. While a lot of factors affect women’s satisfaction, it can also be a matter of perspective—even simple titles can give you huge amounts of pride and pleasure if you have the right mindset. If you love your job but you feel like certain things are starting to make you resent it, you can try the following tips:


1. Don’t dwell on things you can’t control.

You will always have work-related issues, but think about it—do you have the power to change and improve these things or not? If you don’t and you feel that they’re already being dealt with by the people who can actually make a difference, then let them go and focus your energies on things you can control. Getting annoyed and angry over something that you shouldn’t be bothered about isn’t an efficient use of your time.

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2. Celebrate the little victories.

The project you’re assigned to may be far from over, but at least you’ve managed to get the ball rolling. Enjoy the small things that you’ve accomplished. The good vibes can help you remain optimisitic about facing your following tasks.

3. Avoid office politics.

Office politics can seriously drain a great deal of energy you could use for other, more important things. Try to steer clear of it, but if for some reason you find yourself in the middle of it, express your opinions on the matter professionally. Be careful and constructive with your comments, and should you be forced into a confrontation, stand your ground without losing your cool or class. Let your integrity speak for you.


4. Change the way you think.

If you insist on having a negative mindset—like how you’re just forced to work and nothing seems enjoyable—then create your own reality. Stop labeling things as “bad” and just take them as they are, because who knows? In the long run, the lemons that life had previously thrown you may just lead you to where you should be.


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