If saving up were so easy, you wouldn’t be counting down the days until payday Friday. You’d be breezing through the month, not even a bit worried about paying your bills on time or how you’re going to ration your coffee intake. But the reality is, setting money aside is not natural behavior for most people. Recognizing your own habits and managing your priorities, however, is a start. Here, a few money concerns you might not have realized yet!

1. You are likely thinking of making a big investment.
According to a Social Weather Stations survey commissioned by Sun Life Financial, 1 out of 2 Filipinos are planning to make an expensive purchase within the next two years, such as land, a house and lot, or a car, or expand their business. Thinking about investing in a condo or making a downpayment on your first car? You might want to cut your expenses first. In a previous survey commissioned by Sun Life, you spend most of your money on food followed by gadgets.

2. Your biggest concerns are health-related.
The same survey showed that 7 out of 10 Filipinos are worried about the death of the breadwinner (90 percent), a family member suffering a grave illness (90 percent), and the inability to pay for huge medical expenses (80 percent). However, only 6 out of 10 say that they are prepared financially should a serious disease strike. While it doesn’t hurt to have money in the bank or health insurance, prevention is still better than cure. Learn to take care of your body, so you won’t have to pay dearly both literally and figuratively. In your 30s? Make sure you take these medical exams!

3. In case of a health emergency, you are most likely to depend on active income for funds.
Active income is also known as man-at-work income. Out of all the respondents, 40 percent said that they were likely to depend on their spouse’s income, 26 percent said they would rely on business, while 18 percent would do so on their own employment. But what happens when you or your partner lose the ability to earn? Avoid this problem by making your money work for you instead. Our GIRLTalkers share how they earn passive income here.

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