Having the money to eat out at your favorite restaurants, take vacations, or go shopping is great, but knowing how to manage it is just as important. Financial independence is a goal that everybody should attain to have. But before you can sort out your finances, it is essential to understand your money personality. Figuring out what your spending habits are is a start! Take this quiz to help you determine what your monetary blind spots and financial strengths are.

1. Besides the basic necessities such as food, clothing, utilities, and shelter, you spend most of your cash or swipe your credit card mostly on...
2. Have you ever regretted purchasing something that left you cash-strapped?
3. What is your main reason for shopping?
4. Dining out means...
5. Your fave pair of black jeans is getting so tattered and ragged, someone might mistake you as homeless. You find a pretty good pair to replace it with and it happens to be on sale at the mall. You:
6. Your money for savings goes to...
7. You often wonder where your money has gone.
8. When purchasing an expensive piece of home appliance, you are more likely to...
9. Your friends are planning a group holiday in Bali, but you don't have budget to spare. What's your tactic?
10. When the time comes to pay your bills, you...
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