what_do_you_hate_most_about_your_job_ben_raynal.jpgEven if you love your job, we're sure there are still moments in your work life when you wish you could switch careers, change bosses, or even trade your officemates for new ones. This week, Female Network wants to know what your biggest grievances at work are.

It could be anything from the horrendous amount of hours you work every day to your small paycheck. Perhaps what irks you the most is the way your boss likes to dump work on you at the last minute--heck, even when you're on your way to the elevator--or maybe you've got an annoying officemate who spreads gossip about you and makes you uncomfortable at work. It could even be how far your office is from your home or the lack of decent food establishments around the area to give you variety during lunchtime.

No matter what kind of complaints you have about your job, we'd love it if you told us all about them!

Female Network wants to know:

What do you hate most about your job?

Leave us a comment to let us know.

If you're more than just a little peeved at work, perhaps it's time to quit. Need help figuring things out? Check these out on FN:
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If you think you just need to manage your stress well, here are some ideas to start you with:

(Photo by Ben Raynal via Flickr Creative Commons)
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