Make a shopping list.
List down everything you need to buy from the most important to the least important. This way, you'll have enough money to purchase the items you really need. Also, try your best to stick to the list instead of buying other things on impulse.

Kit Yarrow, a professor at the Golden Gate University in the US who studies consumer psychology, says that everyone reaches a point wherein they'll whip out their credit cards and buy on the fly. However, you can avoid that by staying away from the mall or by eating chocolate before going shopping. Yes, CHOCOLATE! Apparently, the glucose from your sweet treat is what your brain needs to fuel self-control.

Give a group present.
If you’re planning to give your man's family a present, why not give them something they can all share? Christmas baskets filled with goodies and affordable wine selections are available in grocery stores. Do they have a sweet tooth? Surprise them with a wide assortment of chocolates you handpicked yourself. For a more personal approach, write them all a card.

Make your own gifts.
It’s time to get creative! Unleash the artist in you and come up with your own presents. Got an officemate who loves inspirational quotes? Try your hand at calligraphy and hand her your finished masterpiece in a frame–she’ll surely appreciate the effort you’ve put in making it.

Use magazine papers as Christmas wrappers.
Go for glossy magazine pages that are filled with color–they don't just look visually appealing, but also save you a lot of money.

Share the cost of holiday meals.
If you plan to host a family or barkada reunion, but don’t want to blow your budget, ask your guests to bring at least one of their favorite dishes–the more the merrier!

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