We know you're all terribly excited to use your vacation leaves this summer, but before you go and file them, here are a few important reminders:

1. File it at least a week in advance. According to BPO senior manager Cecil Dayao, this is the standard procedure. As much as possible, don't file a vacation leave (VL) the day before you plan to use it, or worse, on the day itself. A sick leave is one thing, but an impromptu trip to Subic is another!

2. Make sure you've finished all your responsibilities first. Just because you have a few VLs left unused doesn't mean you should use them up immediately. VL or not, you still have a responsibility to the company. Note: It's poor taste to file for a leave when you're right in the middle of closing an important deal.

3. Try not to take your VL at the same time as your co-workers. If you can, avoid taking the same week off as your colleagues at work. Don't leave the office undefended.

4. Don't be completely out of reach. Work emergencies are bound to happen, so your co-workers need to be able to contact you. To minimize the chances of Murphy's Law, see reminder number two.

5. Make up for lost time. The day after your VL, go to work early. Show your superiors that you're not the type to slack off or suffer from post-VL syndrome!

(Photo of leaves by Madalena Pestana via Flickr Creative Commons; photo of luggage courtesy of Samsonite)

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