When we first saw the term undertime pay, we thought it was a joke. It only started to make sense when Tres Domingo, CEO of IXM, an advertising agency, explained it. According to Domingo, it was because of overtime pay that he thought of creating a benefit called undertime pay. 



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"Overtime Pay is really quite a difficult subject. At first, we had a system of compensating OT with a combination of money, hours credited for leaves, meal and transport allowance, and more. These proved to be quite tedious to compute and extremely hard to enjoy," said Dommingo.

It only meant one thing, companies discouraged overtime pay. So Domingo and his team at IXM thought of something opposite.

"We madly discouraged working overtime. This made a lot of hardworking people kind of resent working hard for obvious reasons. Something had to change, fundamentally," said Domingo. 

"Then, we thought: Creativity is not hard labor and shouldn't be counted in hours. In fact, the brilliant ones are the ones who work fast and finish early. Maybe that's who we should pay more money."

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We totally agree. 

But undertime pay is not the only strange benefit Domingo gives his employees at IXM. He's also come up with the following unusual benefits. He says these were created to spur creativity among IXM's employees.  

Date Your Parents Leave: Paid leave with a subsidy of P2,000 that can be availed of 4 times a year so you can take your parents out on a date. You have to document the date by taking a picture of you and your parents enjoying a date out.

Breakup Leave: Paid leave you can take if you break up with your S.O.

Reimbursed Date Expenses: A subsidy of P1,500 you can avail of four times a year to go out on a date with someone. "We don't care who or how many you date, just go," says Domingo.

Subsidized Dating Apps: The company pays for a premium subscription to any of the dating apps such as Tinder, Harmony, etc.


Wedding Expenses Subsidy: If you get married during your employment with the company, it will shoulder reception expenses up to P50,000.

Movie Passes: The company regularly subsidizes movie tickets.


Here's How Many Leaves You Should Have Under PH Labor Laws

5 Things to Do on Your Next Vacation Leave (Even If You're Working From Home)

Fashionism Benefits: Interested employees participate in a runway-style show where they flaunt their OOTDs. If their style elicits applause, they receive a cash benefit of P4,000. If they receive no applause, they receive 70 percent of the benefit.

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