It’s understandable to feel awkward for even thinking about asking for a raise from your manager. You probably feel that you’re still not worth the distinction, or that you still have more to learn. But before you put your plans on the backburner, you may want to take a look at your achievements so far, because you might be undermining your success by not even considering to ask. Here signs that you should actually go for it because you might just get it:


1. You’ve been given responsibility to train new hires.

When your boss tells you to help manage new employees and teach them the ropes, it means she trusts you and that she knows that you’re good at what you do. It also means that you’ve got additional responsibilities on your plate, which you’ll need to balance with your regular tasks. While each person does more than what’s required of them at some point, training people is a whole different ballgame. Use it as leverage when asking for what you know you deserve.

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2. You’ve leveled yourself up.

Did you take up a short course on marketing? Or maybe you’ve been studying on your own to help you improve your craft? If so, then that means you’re offering your company more than what you’ve initially given it. It may be the right time to ask for a raise when you feel that your team has already benefitted from what you’ve learned.


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3. Your officemates have been given raises.

News of people getting raises tend to quickly spread within the workplace. If you feel that everybody’s getting more than you and you know you’ve been working hard, why not ask your boss about it? At most, she’ll probably tell you that you’re getting yours too, and at the very least, she can explain why she decided to hold back on it for the time being.

4. Your company is in good financial standing.

Stability is a huge factor for a company to regularly give its employees raises, since not only are you basically swimming in positive returns, but your big bosses are also happy and can possibly be more gracious. Flourishing companies tend to expand their teams and put more budget in their employees, so this may be the best time to ask your boss about pulling up your paycheck.


5. You’re getting other offers.

If you’re getting offers from other companies and you’re not planning to jump ship anytime soon, then this is probably the best chance for you to talk about what your current team can give you in terms of a sustainable counter-offer. Being pitched with an opportunity from a competitor just goes to show how valuable you are, and if your manager knows your worth, she’ll immediately get on your case.

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