Having to handle a bad-tempered boss is not exactly anyone’s idea of a dream job, but it is, most unfortunately, quite common. You know the type—they love to blame you for everything, scream at you in public, and so on and so forth. There could be various reasons for such behavior, but according to a new study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology, one of the reasons could be lack of exercise. Simply put, your boss just doesn’t spend enough time working out.


The researchers reached their conclusion after gathering 98 MBA students and asking them to fill out a questionnaire. Their respective supervisors were also tapped for the study. While the students answered questions that probed at the level of abuse their supervisors handed out, the bosses were asked about their exercise habits and stress levels.

Results showed that the more stressed out the supervisors were, the more the employees felt abused. Meanwhile, the more the bosses worked out, the less victimized the students felt.

Unfortunately, the consequences of having a mean boss don’t end at the workplace. Another study reports that people who have had to deal with mean bosses end up bringing the tension back home, creating problems for many marriages. One small thing can balloon into a huge argument. In most cases, you'll find that stress is at the center of everything.

Stress can bring out the worst in people. Your boss may be mean, but it’s probably because he or she can’t handle the pressure properly. In the meantime, you have to watch your own stress levels as well. No matter how toxic it gets in the workplace, try not to let it affect your personal life. And if you find you're turning into a mean boss as well, you may want to try hitting the gym.


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