Yes, we know that “rich” can mean something different for each person. Everyone has different lifestyles, priorities, and financial obligations. But we also acknowledge that when it comes to money—especially saving money—it’s always easier said than done.

So we’re not here to bore you with generic tips like, “You need to have an emergency fund” (even though you SHOULD have one), or “Bring your own baon” (even though that’ll save you SO much). Instead, we want you to be more aware of the behavioral and psychological patterns that contribute to the reason behind your perpetual state of being broke:

1. You spend like you’re already rich.
You get this rush from buying something new or indulging in fancier meals “because you deserve it,” especially when it’s payday! In fact, even before your paycheck comes, you’ve already planned out how you’ll be spending it, completely disregarding the fact that your first priority should be figuring out how much you should put aside first. "Spend like you’re poor and you are much more likely to become rich."

2. You don’t have a real goal.
Without concrete plans, becoming rich will always just be a fantasy—something you waste time daydreaming about while you’re enjoying your newest purchase. And then you get overwhelmed and tell yourself, "Never naman mangyayari 'yon, eh." We end up dismissing our dreams of being financially stable as something unattainable, and justifying our poor spending habits.

3. You’d rather complain than commit!
We’re all guilty of this. People always want to know everyone’s saving tips. But there’s a reason why your financial situation hasn’t changed—you’re not REALLY doing anything about it. You can read all the articles you want, but nothing’s going to happen if you don’t make adjustments in the way you handle your finances. “I don’t make enough money.” “I don’t know how to invest.” “Credit cards are evil.” These are all just excuses to either stay in debt or keep your poor financial habits. Commit to making smarter money choices, and you’ll finally have better results. 

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