Making the decision to leave your current company is not easy, especially if you know that you’ll be jumping out of the comfort zone you’ve stayed in for years. While the length of your tenure should be taken into consideration when contemplating your next career decision, it shouldn’t hinder you from moving on when the time is right. Leaving after giving things ample thought shouldn’t be treated as a waste—what’s “sayang” is the time you’ll spend in a place you’re not happy working in anymore while wishing you were somewhere else. If you're still not sure, here are signs it might be better for you to jump ship:

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You don’t feel that you’re growing anymore

That’s a nicer way of saying “you’re bored.” Boredom can translate to a stagnant career, which is actually a legit reason to leave, provided that you’ve already spoken with your manager about the issue. If your job doesn’t feel fulfilling anymore or if your company doesn’t seem to be investing in you and your career path as much as it should, then you need to connect with your direct supervisor and discuss a plan that can be beneficial to all parties.

The company’s values don’t align with your own

This often happens when company leadership changes and policies you liked and are used to are suddenly scrapped. While a period of adjustment is expected, not everyone will be able to fully settle into new management’s culture. Sometimes, leaving is better than harboring ill-will towards your new bosses and vice versa. And speaking of bosses…


Work issues with your boss start becoming personal

Case in point: A long-time employee survived a managerial shift. Her new boss, however, was unfortunately fed bad press about her, and things became personal, so much so that her performance evaluation was compromised.

Unless HR has enough integrity to intervene without taking sides, the best recourse is to quit when management starts slinging mud. Know your worth, and don’t settle for a situation where you always get the short end of the stick.

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You’re overworked and underpaid

Going above and beyond the call of duty is great and sometimes even expected of you as an employee, but if your efforts are not given recognition (or worse, your initiative is abused), then there’s no point in staying where you are. Thank you’s won’t put food on the table.

You’re starting to get chronic health issues

Everybody gets the once-in-a-while headache or the seasonal flu, but if your job is triggering stress-related health issues or if it’s keeping you from getting ample rest, then leave as soon as you can. There have already been reports of deaths triggered by long working hours and untreated symptoms. Your health and well-being should come first. Don’t allow them to take the backseat—not for any boss or client.


You’ve already been offered something better somewhere else

Company loyalty is an important—if not rare— trait in an employee, and while you probably feel guilty about considering an offer to transfer, consider that the bottom line should always be about you and how your life and career path will improve. Weigh your options, and if you feel that the offer is worth it, then don’t be afraid to tender your resignation. Just remember to be professional about it, and quit with grace.

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