Most of us have our own ideas of the glamorous job: Perhaps we envision being a Miranda Priestly-like figure who is constantly being wooed by the top fashion designers, or reaching many destinations by being a flight attendant, or even heading a task force team and literally kicking ass in crime scenes.


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But does glamorous equate to higher pay? For those of us who don't know that much, we might be even surprised to learn that the jobs we thought to be on top of the glamorous heap actually don't pay that much. conducted a survey that measured the most glamorous jobs not only through their "oomph" appeal, but also the actual salaries that these supposed glamorous jobs are entitled to. Hence, the survey was divided into two results: one showing jobs with the impression and the actual salary both getting top marks, and the other showing jobs with high impressions yet low salaries. And guess which real glamorous job topped the ranking?

High Glam, High Pay

  1. Investment banker - #3 on the glamour ranking, 10.1% votes, with salaries as high as $431,667
  2. Commercial real estate executive - #4 glamour, 9.7% votes, salaries as high as $328,262
  3. Airline pilot - #5 glamour, 9.1% votes, salaries as high as $142,789
  4. College dean - #7 glamour, 7.2% votes, salaries as high as $113,297
  5. Head chef - #9 glamour, 4.2% votes, salaries as high as $124,743

High Glam, Low Pay
  1. Fashion designer - #1 glamour rank, 31.2% votes, with salaries as high as $62,357
  2. Event planner - #2 glamour, 10.8% votes, salaries as high as $74,069
  3. Architect - #6 glamour, 7.2% salaries as high as $55,909
  4. Interior decorator - #8 glamour, 7.1% votes, salaries as high as $63,955
  5. Reporter - #10 glamour, 3.4% votes, salaries as high as $61,317

Sadly, in the money game, numbers talk louder than impressions.

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