Inflation will stay elevated throughout the year, meaning middle-income households will need to cut corners, save up, and find alternative sources of income if possible to weather tough times.

When one's current salary can no longer keep up with the high cost of living, it may be time to find a part-time job, financial coach Joanna Marie Almonte-Detera told reportr.


"'Yong sideline or side hustle na 'yan ay kaya mong gawin two to three hours a day. 'Yon ang tutulong talaga sa 'yo," Almonte-Detera said in an earlier interview.

"Kasi kahit sabihin kong magtipid ka, hindi pwede kasi kakain ka. Hindi sapat na magtipid lang... Hindi sapat na isa lang ang trabaho," she added.

How to find a part-time job online

If you are looking for a side hustle to earn more money as prices of basic goods rise, here are some online websites offering part-time jobs:

Course Hero

Course Hero is an online learning platform that helps students connect with tutors around the world. This website allows academic degree holders to work as tutors in various subjects such as science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, and social sciences.

Virtual tutors in Course Hero can earn up to $1,500 or P85,500 per month, depending on the number of questions they answer in the platform, their subject category, the quality of their answers, among others.

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Since Course Hero does not have a fixed working schedule, tutors can answer questions any time they are free using just their laptop, desktop, or even a smartphone.

If you are interested in applying with Course Hero, you need to submit the following documents to this website:

  • Copy of your academic record (transcript of records or online copy of grades)
  • Diploma for graduates
  • Copy of valid school ID (if you are still a student)
  • A selfie with the valid school ID

Applicants who have finished at least their second year in college can apply as a tutor in Course Hero, although you may have a higher chance of getting accepted if you have a higher educational attainment.

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Upwork is a job-search website that links business clients to freelance workers. Part-time job hunters need to indicate their skills on the website and a list of job openings with their corresponding rates will be made available to them.


To start finding freelance jobs on Upwork, create your Upwork profile by indicating your educational attainment and work experience, as well as the skills and competencies you possess. You will also be asked to upload your resume to help clients find you.

Depending on the nature of work, part-time workers in Upwork can be paid per hour or per project. You will also need to set up a PayPal account where payments can be sent or link your existing bank accounts to Upwork.

Remote Staff

Remote Staff was created specifically to help Filipinos find remote jobs with international clients.

While other employment websites only enumerate the part-time jobs available to applicants, Remote Staff goes a step further by matching your skills to their current job openings and assisting you in getting hired by their overseas clients.

You can sign up to Remote Staff by indicating your job skills, the quality of your internet connection at home for remote work, and your preferred role. The recruitment specialist will then interview you as part of the application process, followed by an interview with the client itself.


Once you are hired, Remote Staff will handle your payroll with a local bank, register your taxes, provide you employment benefits, and cover your SSS, Pag-IBIG, and PhilHealth contributions.

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Why have a part-time job?

Here are some benefits of having a part-time job, according to employment website Indeed:

Increase your earnings

With a part-time job, you can earn more money as you have more than one source of income. While it may not double up the salary you get from your full-time job, the additional earnings you get from working part-time can help you manage your expenses without make huge cutbacks in spending.

Gain more skills and experience

Employees work not just to earn money but also to develop new skills. Having a part-time job helps you gain additional competencies that may not have been tapped in your full-time work.


Working part-time also broadens your work experience which may be helpful when you apply in other jobs in the future.

Maximize your time

A part-time job can be done in two to three hours per day and at the comfort of your home. This means that you can earn more money by just working extra hours every day and without sacrificing quality time with your family and friends.

Joanna Marie Almonte-Detera is an engineer by profession and a certified investment advisor and financial coach. Reach out to her here if you need advice on financial management.

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